By on June 5, 2012

Yesterday, I learned a very valuable lesson in Journalism 101, having published erroneous information before having it confirmed.

Inside Line initially reported that the Hyundai Veloster Turbo would carry a $1600 premium over the base car. That story doesn’t exist anymore. No correction was issued either.

A quick call to John Krafcik revealed that while the Veloster Turbo powerplant adds another $1600 to the cost of the car, the Turbo itself will have more equipment than the base Veloster. Krafcik told me that the Veloster Turbo will be priced north of $20,000, but we’ll have to wait another 24 hours for pricing.

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36 Comments on “So…About That Sub-$20k Hyundai Veloster Turbo. It’s Not Happening....”

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    I don’t care how much it costs new… this will most likely the USED car to replace the wife’s Volvo C30 in another 3-4 years. Turbo + small hatchback = win! Rear visibility seems to be the only downside to this ride.

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      Kind of a problem with all contemporary cars, but yeah. I’ve seen a few of these in the flesh and the rear visibility is pretty awful for a hatch.

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      Used turbocharged car targeted at poor enthusiasts equals rookie mistake. You might as well try to save some coin by buying used food.

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        I completely agree with CJ. In 2008, I looked at a few used GTIs and MS3’s before purchasing a new GTI. All the used ones were beat to crap. I am crazy enough to buy a VW, just not one that has gone through 40k miles of abuse and neglect.

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        I sadly have to agree. I truly pity whomever wound up with my MS3. I didn’t even abuse the car, but it was such a cheaply built POS (intermittent smoking turbo, suspension totally shot) that I dumped it while it still had some positive trade-in equity.

        Cheap speed is still cheap, which i found out the hard way.

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      I’d have to say the butt-ugly styling is another downside.

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      Rear visibility is overrated. You don’t need it when you’re pulling away from them.

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      I currently have a Veloster, and while the huge C-pillars make for some large blind spots, rear visibility is actually not that bad. The glass “roof” part of the hatch is visible in the rear view mirror making it a lot better. The real issue is that the curved glass distorts what you see out there. Everything looks a little wider than it really is.

      The backup camera and a small blind spot mirror solves any other issues.

      I’m waiting for the Turbo, so that I can trade in the V that I have now.

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    I’m honestly a little surprised this didn’t raise any flags/eyebrows before now. It’ll probably still be reasonably priced, but sub 20k was a pretty skeptical claim.

    Also, in before V6 Mustang posts.

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      I haz a V6 Mustang and it will smoke ur Korean fail wheel drive accent-with-a-body-kit “car”. It has more space better handling, more manly, more efficient. and it only cost 10 cents. I can go from 0-60 in 3 seconds in reverse, and I get 99 MPG going uphill underwater. Also its faster than a GT because it weighs less and i’m totally not overcompensating. (*sarcasm*)

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      Oren Weizman

      What pisses me off is that once again Hyundai will release a product with all the fanfare and none of the fun. I’ve already had a friend fall for the 274hp claim on a genesis that gets sandblasted by every V6 Camry on the block. Can’t wait to see this car go head to head with an Si or GTi

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        I’ll give Hyundai some slack for being their first serious attempts at the performance market (the Tiburon was okay in it’s previous Generation, but not quite there) but I do agree the hype is always a tad disappointing. I still think the Veloster turbo would fair better than a Civic Si, and probably give a GTi a run for the money.

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        Give the genesis some time. Hyundai engines have very tight tolerances and run “green” for the first 10000 miles or so. Give it some time and that genesis will run hard and strong (better mpgs too). I sold new and used Hyundais for 3 years, and the used Santa Fe’s with the 2.7 V6 were strong performers with some miles on them. The used ones would easily peel out and scratch second hard (I even sold a used one for MORE than a new one due to this, lol). My Sonata 2.0t is finally broken in at 10k, and it performs better than ever now.

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    Making a mistake, admitting it, and learning from it. Admirable, and a far-too-uncommon thing nowadays. Well done. It’s not how you screw up, it’s how you recover.

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    In Europe, you can get a new grey market Genesis Coupe 3.8 (fully loaded, leather, auto, 5yr warranty) for 20000 Euro + tax. Or 25k USD. I think a 22k Velos-T should be possible …

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      Wouldn’t a grey market car automatically invalidate the warranty? Or is that different over there?

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        Most auto makers offer warranties valid for whole Europe / EU. So if the car is transferred from one of the EU countries to another one there’s no problem at all. But the price can differ dramatically, thanks to different local vat/taxation and exchange rates.

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    Jack Baruth

    The whole “invisible delete” thing is something we work very hard to avoid at TTAC. InsideLine screwed up and they should have the guts to let it ride.

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    This acknowledgment of the error is better than nothing, but I would have preferred an update to the original post rather than vaporizing it. That way we could all see what was originally written and decide for ourselves how egregious the journalistic error was.

    And BTW, kudos for admitting that TTAC is journalism. When other blogs are called out for posting stupid sh!t or making errors, they too often plead a defense of “We’re not journalists, we’re bloggers!” Baloney.

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    Turbo or not, I’m not getting one. It looks decent enough, except the rear end, oh my…

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    Secret Hi5

    The story is still up at Insideline (as of my posting):

    To quote from that Insideline article:
    “Pricing on the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo will be announced on Wednesday, but Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik told Inside Line that the turbo model will be $1,600 more than the base model when it is launched this summer.

    Based on that price point, the Veloster Turbo will squeak in below the psychologically important under-$20,000 mark and also be cheaper than one of its chief Japanese competitors, the 2012 Honda Civic Si.”

    It looks like IL changed the link, but kept the same info, so I don’t think IL is trying to hide anything, as you seem to be implying.

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      You are right, the information is still wrong

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        No… IL updated their original post yesterday with the clarification from Krafcik, probably when the title changed (which broke the original link):

        “Update: Krafcik contacted Inside Line to inform us that the turbocharged engine will add at least $1,600 to the price of the Veloster. He said additional standard equipment that comes on the turbocharged models will likely push the price difference higher. Official pricing will be announced on Wednesday.”

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    Yeah, the IL link title simply changed, which broke the original link, that’s all.

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    The production was pretty damn good.

    Jack, you have really good screen presence and a good way of getting your points across with inflection, body language, and voice control.

    Spend a few more minutes scripting out what you plan on saying so you don’t use the same large words over and over and over in a short timeframe.

    Don’t wear something gaudy and stupid looking. I mean, really, what were you trying to accomplish? If it was an inside joke or this series is supposed to be half hearted, it makes some sense. If not, ditch the disco ball.

    When talking about the car, spend less time driving hard while doing it. What you say is good, but it’s too funny watching you try to say it while you’re out of breath. Some is ok. All is bad.

    Overall, pretty good video. If you actually want it to be badass, make it a little more professional. It doesn’t have to lose the Baruth-ness, just the shiny out-of-breath-Baruthness.

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    I was actually thinkin bout gettin one. Then, on metro Detroit TV, Ford starts advertising a 2012 Focus SEL brains fully blown out. Including the reverse camera w/ blindspot mirrors & backwards sensing, leather, moonroof, Sony audio system, dual auto climate control, rain sensing wipers, I actually forget all of the add ons for $167/mo-24 mos lease. So I took my 2010 Mustang GT and receive $21K on trade for a vehicle I only paid $23.8 for two and a half years ago. Best depreciation I’ve ever seen. My Mustang GT had 4983 miles (not a typo).

    What I didn’t like about it was the clutch engagement (very difficult to match revs) and the long throw. Not to be confused with the current model but must say took a 2012 out with auto for GF (who drove) and could not tell the difference in forward thrust. Seems to me 315hp vs. 425hp should have made at least a noticeable difference.

    Saw Veloster for the first time at local Costco and thought it was a very intriguing small car, read numerous reviews and everyone commented on lack of torque so I’m guessing the Turbo version addresses that issue.

    To anyone thinking about a Veloster I would say check it out. Neat little car. IMO from the pictures I’ve seen Hyundai screwed up the original styling for the Turbo model.

    And yes, I’m enjoying my 2012 Fusion (had 07 Fusion SE Sport Pkg before Mustang). For $167/mo-24 mos, $233 in my case because I opted to pay more for a 36 mos lease thinking I could not replace the vehicle with another that had similar amenities for the same payment. The marketplace for me was all of a sudden different. And I’ll admit I’m the first to take advantage of sub $200/mo lease payments w/ zero down.

    The Mustang was leased through US Bank and the rotten bastards charged the the dealership $1,200 more to buy the car than my cost to buy it. Based on this experience I would suggest one not do business with US Bank. In essence, US Bank profited from my mileage on the Mustang instead of myself.

    In any case, if you’re half thinking about a Veloster make sure you experience one. It’s worth the effort.

    Jack, I raised a Ketel One in the Queens honor as she rode back to Buckingham Palace in the late 1800’s Brougham coach today!! Now if I could just find the TTAC thread about which current vehicle should be called a Brougham………………

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    Turbo Veloster north of 20 grand or south of 20 grand. It can stay on the lot. Interesting car to look at, but for some reason I have no desire to drive it. Hyundai=hype.

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    el scotto

    Derek, you made a a mistake and manned up. Well played sir.

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    where i am the problem is it makes it spitting distance to the FT86/BRZ

    also Velosters seem to be bought by older folk who want to ‘seem younger’

    so in that light, the turbo won’t be popular

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      The turbo will likely draw in 20-somethings who want cheap speed. The GTI can get real expensive real quick, and I’m not sure the Mazdaspeed3 is going to be made for 2013 since M is switching to Skyactive across the board soon.

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