Question Of The Day: Free Or Fun?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
question of the day free or fun

Long commutes. Traffic. Inane articulations on the radio. Most folks see driving as little more than a chore in between all the fun things in life.

Auto enthusiasts pretend to be the exact opposite of this. But I’m not so sure. When it comes to getting that feeling of pure exhiliration on the road vs. enjoying the penurious plenitude of a frugal ride, many car guys tend to opt towards the cost side of the equation.

The love cars. But money takes precedence.

So imagine if you could enjoy zero transportation costs. No gas. No insurance. No purchasing costs, depreciation expense, ad valorem taxes, matinenance, repairs… not a single penny of expense.

Sounds good right, Well, here is the flip side of the deal.

Fun. It will never be in the cards. Never. Not so much as a single smile or a feeling of mild interest in the driving experience.

From now on your driving will consist of an appliance like machine that goes slow, has no radio, not even a steering wheel or pedals.

Just key in your destination, sit in the comfy chair, and wait for time to take it’s course.

You can’t even make a phone call or play with the features of the car… because none is to be had. To work properly your baggage has to be stored and your seat has to be in the upright position.

For the remaining years of your life all you have is this transportation advice. Nothing more. It will always work.

Would you pick this free ride that is purely no fun? Or would you choose fun rides that are anything but free?

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  • Nickoo Nickoo on Jun 13, 2012

    I would take the ride if it were something similar to a train ride. I love driving, but being able to use that time for other priorities is awesome. If it were like an airplane ride, forget about it.

  • Dgb100 Dgb100 on Jun 13, 2012

    Nope, sorry. Driving is fun. Even driving to work. Sometimes on a Friday commute I may even light up a teen ager in a fart box just for SNGs. I know 40+ year olds should not do this, but I don't care... just as long as no one I know is watching. :)

  • Bikegoesbaa Bikegoesbaa on Jun 13, 2012

    I'd take fun. Spending disposable income on an enjoyable car is no different than spending it on any other non-essential item. Is a $10k vacation in Hawaii an inherently better use of money than a used $10k Miata? At least the Miata can be sold a year later for something, with the vacation you may as well just burn the cash for all you can get it back. I know plenty of people who spend substantial sums of money on their children. Don't they know that nobody actually *needs* a child, and they could spend that instead on vacations and mortgages and whatnot. I'd be interested to hear how vacations and children make sense under the same "strict bookkeeping with minimal expenses" approach that so many people here espouse when it comes to cars.

  • C P C P on Jun 16, 2012

    Funny this topic came up on TAC. I was debating on weather or not to take my 01 camry to Florida this year or leave it & take my 03 miata. Still haven't decided. I haven't read all the posts yet either. But Florida is not the same as the NE when it comes to roads or miatas. And my camry is an automatic. But I purchased my miata last year & I'd like to take it w/ me at least one year to see if I'd want to do it again.. 1200 mile drive each way. Camry has 188k miles on it & has been super reliable. I'm a former tech so I stay on top of them. Miata has only 53k. Don't really want to blow the money on shipping the 2nd car. Gotta pick one.