Edmunds Issues June Sales Forecast: No Major Changes

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

JUNE 2012 SALES VOLUME FORECASTSales VolumeJune’12 ForecastJune’11May’12Change from June 2011*Change from May 2012GM233,987215,335245,2568.70%-4.60%Ford201,980193,421215,6994.40%-6.40%Toyota184,512110,937202,97366.30%-9.10%Chrysler143,521120,394150,04119.20%-4.30%Honda126,61083,892133,99750.90%-5.50%Nissan88,11371,94191,79422.50%-4.00%Industry1,270,9011,052,7721,334,13120.70%-4.70%*NOTE: June 2012 had 27 selling days

With only a few days until the end of the month, Edmunds issued its June sales forecast. Edmunds expects that 1,270,901 new cars will be sold in June, translating into a 20.7 percent increase compared to June 2011, and a 4.7 percent decrease from May 2012. The Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) is projected to come in at 13.9 million light vehicles.

JUNE 2012 MARKET SHARE FORECASTMarket ShareJune’12 ForecastJune’11May’12Change from June 2011*Change from May 2012GM18.40%20.50%18.40%-2.00%0.00%Ford15.90%18.40%16.20%-2.50%-0.30%Toyota14.50%10.50%15.20%4.00%-0.70%Chrysler11.30%11.40%11.20%-0.10%0.10%Honda10.00%8.00%10.00%2.00%0.00%Nissan6.90%6.80%6.90%0.10%0.00%

No major changes are expected in terms of market share. Toyota is projected to lose 0.7 percentage points from May.

Ford has expressed similar views of the June market.

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  • Jeoff Jeoff on Jun 28, 2012

    Didn't Nissan make market share gain against the other Japanese automakers post-tsunami? It looks like Nissan is holding onto those gains a year later.