In Post-Soviet Russia, Renault-Nissan Buys AvtoVAZ

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
in post soviet russia renault nissan buys avtovaz

Renault-Nissan is buying a majority stake in Russian automaker AvtoVaz. For those not in the Russian Car Appreciation Society, AvtoVaz is the maker of Lada cars.

Current owner (and weapons maker) Russian Technologies will enter a joint-venture with Renault-Nissan as a means of structuring the deal. Renault-Nissan will own 67.13 percent of the JV, which will in turn have a 74.5 percent stake of AvtoVaz. Following the necessary due diligence, the deal is expected to be completed in 2014.

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  • Advance_92 Advance_92 on May 04, 2012

    I'd kind of like them to modernize the existing design, myself.

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    • Pete Zaitcev Pete Zaitcev on May 04, 2012

      @psarhjinian That's actually a 2103 in the picture, not the 2106.

  • Stroker49 Stroker49 on May 04, 2012

    Me and seven friends took our rigid long forked Harley choppers for a ride in Russia last summer. There I saw some Volga Siber (Sebring).

  • Djn Djn on May 04, 2012

    I'm thinking that Sergio will have a cool retro surprise for us in a couple of years. Cinquecento, ok, why not a 124?

  • Les Les on May 07, 2012

    So, when can we expect Lada Nivas here in the US?