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No, TTAC hasn’t been hijacked by car dealers other than Mr. Lang. Scouring the local newspapers, TTAC’s Great White North contingent found brand new Fiat 500s being sold for the incredible price of $12,995 for the base “Pop” model.

While the $11,798 Nissan Versa sedan is still cheaper, style conscious Toronto residents will no doubt opt for the 500, which has been selling briskly in Toronto and Canada at large. More importantly, most of the 500s seen around town are the more upmarket “Lounge” or “Sport” versions – the Pop trim level, seen here, doesn’t even come with A/C as standard equipment.

Eventually, we were able to track down internet copies of the ad. The dealer website for Peel Chrysler lists a black Pop as selling for $14,995 after discounts (which seems a little high, given its $14,995 MSRP), but two classified ads show the car as selling for $12,995. As of this writing, inventory data (at least empirical data – there are tons of ads touting huge stocks of Fiat 500s at dealers) wasn’t available but it casts the idea of Fiat’s brisk sales and upcoming models for Canada only in a bit of a different light.

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24 Comments on “Fiat 500 Pop, Selling New For $12,995...”

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    FWIW, the screen shot you have above indicates that the Pop is “used,” under Type.

    I would never own one, but I do like the design of the Fiat 500 and would love to see a Vellum Venom done on one.

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    It says used on the listing, but it also says it has only 5 kilometers. So, maybe there’s a loophole by listing it used? IDK. My last car was delivered with 34 miles on it. Maybe I should go back to the dealer and demand a discount.

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    Volt 230

    That’s gotta be BS. I looked on Auotrader nothing like that shows up even used ones with over 2k miles are going for $14k plus!

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    I don’t think the 500 is worth more than that.

    And I’d much rather be seen in a Versa, even though it is a detestable vehicle.

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    See, if they’d price these more appropriately they’d have no issue meeting their crazy sales goals. Selling microcars at compact car prices makes no sense. It’s far too easy to see a car the next lot over for the same price that is bigger.

    You could get away with still being more expensive then the Versa simply because Americans are still conditioned to expect anything from Europe to cost more.

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    Called it.

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    Secret Hi5

    Aren’t you an investigative journalist? Seems simple enough to contact Peel Fiat and verify the veracity of the ad.

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    I was surprised to see so many 500s in Salt Lake City this past weekend (down for a college graduation), especially being a place where larger vehicles and 4WD/AWD is valued so highly. I don’t know how the vehicle is doing in other similiar sized metro areas, but where I live (Boise), I’ve seen 1 (with factory tags).

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    Peel was first advertising this price to get rid of last year’s models, as I commented here at the time. They have a small lot full of fiats, but very few base models. (my investigative journalism involves regularly walking my dog thru their lot.)

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    Considering the exchange rate is $1 Canadian = $1.0066 USD, that’s a hell of a bargain. I think I’d take the 500 over a Versa at that kind of price any day.

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    Volt 230

    Last week I parked my 98 corolla next to a 5oo and the Fiat was 2/3 the length of mine plus a tiny interior and this thing was the one that goes for over $22k

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    I did not think any cars came with AC in Canada.

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    They have been listed here in So Cal for that for a while. I got my dealer to that price too. But I opted for a 500c the convertible for a few grand more. By the way the Pop does come with air conditioning, and bluetooth, and power windows. You have to get a manual to get that price though, but why wouldnt you?

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    We always pay more for the same cars as U.S. models, just another opportunity for the gov’t. to steal some more of our money. This is an anomaly.

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    That’s still $12,995 too much. Don’t they give these things away in cereal boxes?

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      “Don’t they give these things away in cereal boxes?”

      I wish!

      (I prefer small cars, but I’m stuck in the C-segment because I’m a dad. Put a Fiat 500 in a cereal box, though, and I’d drive the hell out of it when I had to go somewhere without kids or stuff!)

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    + 15% tax in Canada.

    Versa has rear knee-room.

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    I find these reports of the sales figures about the 500 very contradictory. Down here in rural South-central Florida, the 500’s available are going for sticker+.
    The only explanation I can think of is that the Canadian snow birds were grabbing them up to drive back home?

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    I am STILL looking for a Prius C One for the MSRP of $18,950! So, it is doubtful if you could buy a Fiat 500 for such a low price… same for the Smart ForTwo… I have never seen the base version on sale for its MSRP of $12,490…

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