The Girls Product Specialists Of The 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Can You Spot The Car?

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
the strike girls strike product specialists of the 2012 beijing auto show can you

Also in Beijing, there are product specialists who explain technical features of each car. They will do that in Chinese, or, if they are blond, in Russian. Here is a comprehensive pictorial of the most capable product specialists of the Beijing Auto Show.

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And now: Can you spot the car?

“My company is not the battery maker in China. We are known as the specialist in Kei cars. This is a range extended version of a car that is very popular in India.”

“My company was in trouble. Then two brothers from India saved us. We don’t have many new cars at the moment, but we have a great team.”

“Meet the team.”

“More enthusiastic team members.”

“My company got into hot water. They said we copied a Ford truck. Then they put our booth next to Ford. We have to make it up with enthusiasm.”

“We assure you: Nothing fake here. All real.”

“Company from France. Car from Korea. Specialist from China.”

“Where can we get coffee?”

“We are receptionists. May we help you?”

“My company has the same name as a machine gun.”

“You probably never heard of my company.”

“I assist members of the media with their reporting.”

“What can I assist you with today?”

“My company’s name starts with a ‘Gee!'”

“Get out of our dressing room, pervert!”

“We have product that is usually in short supply in China.”

“My company is from Japan. People say they lost touch. Not true!”

“We run a special today: Two cultures for the price of one!”

“We work for a family-oriented company.”

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  • Charles I had one and loved it . Seated 7 people . Easy to park , great van
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  • Alan I would think Ford would beef up the drive line considering the torque increase, horse power isn't a factor here. I looked at a Harrop supercharger for my vehicle. Harrop offered two stages of performance. The first was a paltry 100hp to the wheels (12 000AUD)and the second was 250hp to the wheels ($20 000 (engine didn't rev harder so torque was significantly increased)). The Stage One had no drive line changes, but the Stage Two had drive line modifications. My vehicle weighs roughly the same as a full size pickup and the 400'ish hp I have is sufficient, I had little use for another 100 let alone 250hp. I couldn't see much difference in the actual supercharger setup other than a ratio change for the drive of the supercharger, so that extra $8 000 went into the drive line.
  • ToolGuy Question: F-150 FP700 ( Bronze or Black) supercharger kit is legal in 50 states, while the Mustang supercharger kit is banned in California -- why??
  • ToolGuy Last picture: Labeling the accelerator as "play" and the brake pedal as "pause" might be cute, but it feels wrong. It feels wrong because it is wrong, and it is wrong because Calculus.Sidebar: I have some in-laws who engage the accelerator and brake on a binary on/off all-in basis. So annoying as a passenger.Drive smoothly out there. 🙂