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Are you proud driving a car that not everybody drives? Then better turn off the phone, install an aggressive spam filter, or, even better, leave the country until America elects a president in November. Or drive a Mitsubishi. If you don’t, you will be bombarded with calls and messages. Campaign managers call it microtargeting. You will call it a royal pain.

Drivers of hybrids, Saabs, Subarus, Volvos and Minis lean Democrat and vote. On the elephant side of the equation, drivers of Jaguars, Lincolns, Lexi, Mercs and Buicks vote often and Republican. Owners of Chevrolets, Fords and Dodges lean to the right, but probably won’t bother going to the polls. This is the result of microtargeting information compiled by campaign managers. They know what voters drive, drink, eat, where they shop, and what websites they visit. Voters are being profiled, and hit with targeted messages, says the Atlantic.

If you want to be off the targeting RADAR, drive a Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi drivers are said to have no pronounced political leanings, and they also nearly never vote. That should keep them unmolested. On the other side of the extreme: SAAB owners. They are said to be largely undecided, and they rarely miss a chance to vote. Who knows, disenfranchised SAAB owners could make or break the next president.

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16 Comments on “Hanging SAABs: How Cars Will Decide The Elections...”

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    That explains the episode of “Wife Swap” just the other night, when they had a hybrid lady swap rides with a lady in a GMC 4X4, and vice versa. Hilarious.

    After seeing this, good think I drive a Nash. Go Ron Paul!

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    Jeez! Jaguar drivers are completely off the scale! Must be breaking down a lot in front of the polling booths.

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    Hmm. The old donation-gatherer’s rule doesn’t look to be true anymore.

    It used to be a reliable indicator that of wealthy owners of GM cars, Democrats drove Cadillacs and Republicans drove Buicks.

    This scale is somewhat odd; most of the larger marques skew about R+20 but voter registration’s about D+5.

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    Ah but there is another alternative to Mitsubishi… do like me and keep two Oldsmobiles in your garage.

    Unless I missed it, I do not see Oldsmobile on that chart.

    So I don’t expect my phone to be ringing too much as November draws nearer ;)

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      I was thinking only the latest models, but there’s Plymouth, killed off before Olds. You’d think the oldest American make would be remembered. Maybe it’s higher off the chart than Jaguar.

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    Mmmm. How come republicans are vastly more represented on this chart than democrats? Do republicans really own/buy that many more cars than democrats? And what happened to the independents?

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    I own a Mitsubishi and a Studebaker. My phone is constantly being attacked by political pollsters, and during the last election, I was deleting campaign messages on almost a daily basis. Must be the Studebaker. Time to begin a Mopar project.

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    Interesting. I’ve never missed a national election since I came of voting age, first one was ’88. And I have driven entirely European cars with the exception of my very first car, a Subaru, and my latest aquisition, a Jeep WJ GC. I am very much a good Maine Independent, and have voted for Republicans and Democrats about equally, and for Ross Perot. But with a BMW and a Jeep, I guess my phone will be fairly quiet?

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    Well, I owned a MINI, now I own a VW. If you extrapolate the line, my next car looks to be a Pontiac. I do secretly covet a G8 GXP.

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    Yep, drive a Saab, classic swing-voter (with lean to the left.) Voted Ron Paul in the Republican primary. Will probably vote libertarian or Obama in the general election.

    I vote everytime, but I have no idea why.

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    Stereotyped to a flippin’ T.

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    Hmmm. I own a SAAB and a Volvo, and I am a Tea Party guy. Maybe that’s why they keep breaking down on me.

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