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In the alleged police state China, speeders are not hunted down by testosterone-driven cops. Hey get fined through the mail. A system the Chinese have copied from Europe. Some Chinese have taken to using a little camouflage.

Some drivers use toothpaste. This lady used a sanitary napkin on her Mini. It did not take long for this trend to be commercialized in utterly capitalist China. Carnewschina reports the emergence of license-plate-number stickers that subtly and surreptitiously alter the original.

The stickers can be bought at car markets for as little as 5 yuan (80 cents U.S.) each. The standard traffic-fine in China is a modest 200 yuan ($32). The penalty for using the stickers however can be more painful: Up to 15 days in (an, ouch, Chinese) jail, 1800 yuan fine, and the driver’s driving license will be revoked.

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13 Comments on “China’s Drivers Stick It To The Police...”

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    Fitting penalty for scofflaws.

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      You’ve obviously never been to China. They don’t exactly follow the law here for much of anything. What makes you think they would care about that?

      From everything I’ve seen in this country, the respect for law and order is completely non-existent.

      Mostly it’s about don’t upset some government person and avoid being noticed.

      Everything else is fair game, this place is closer to the wild west than probably the real wild west was.

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        Athos Nobile

        Are you sure you’re in China and not in Venezuela?

        Is this your first assignment in the 3rd world?

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        Dave, I almost totally agree with your comment! Living in Beijing, Chinese traffic continues to amaze me even after almost 2 years in China now.

        However, outside of the wondrous world of cars & traffic, there is some respect for the law I’d say. Crime here is extremely low. Street sales people leave their money boxes open and in plain sight for the public. I can walk the darkest alleys at night without feeling unsafe – I can’t say the same for a city like Amsterdam or Antwerp, that are some 16 times smaller than Beijing…

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    Stick a fake number on a friend’s car and watch the fun when he’s arrested.

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    “speeders are not hunted down by testosterone-driven cops.”

    American cops are not “testosterone-driven”, they are roid-driven.

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    Athos Nobile

    Ridiculous trade off for a $32 fine.

    Did they copy the points BS from Europe too?

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    ….*alleged*…..*utterly capitalist*….

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    I like that the “F” and the 8 are upside down in the packaging.

    I wonder if is an uncontrolled process or some Engrish that flipped them?

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      So are the 6 and the 9.

      Also, can anyone on this blog tell me why my new car has a 710 spout?

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        Also, can anyone on this blog tell me why my new car has a 710 spout?

        That is obviously where you put the 710 fluid. (oil) I actually had a customer who lost her “710” cap and came in and asked for one by name.

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