In China, Pink Is The New Gold

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
in china pink is the new gold

Every country and culture seems to have to go through its fads and fashions. China does it at breakneck speed. Last year, it was gold. Now, the Bling Dynasty is succeeded by The King. Elvis-style pink cars suddenly are all the rage, and who else than Carnewschina to keep track of them? Don’t fancy Chinese and The King? There you go: Suddenly, cars are pinkos in Red China.

The pink of this Beetle could be a standard color for this kind of a car, for females and people who feel like one.

If you like it more manly, yet effete, how about this Lamborghini Gallardo? Don’t worry about the resale value. This color will be sought after in China, at least for the next 6 months.

Can’t get enough pink?

Carnewschina has a pink Suzuki Alto, a pink old Suzuki Alto, a pink Porsche Cayenne, a pink Volkswagen Passat, a pink Porsche Cayman, a pink Ferrari California, a pink Bentley Continental GT, a pink Mercedes-Benz SLK, a pink MG-TF, and a pink Audi TT.

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  • Niky Niky on Mar 04, 2012

    Didn't even have to click through from the front page to get an awful pun... Pinko? Bertel, you dog! :) :) :) Too bad you missed the one about the pink Audi titties...

  • Lokki Lokki on Mar 04, 2012

    "What are you on about? Steve McClaren was never dominant either as a player or as a manager." He means Bruce McLaren as in 1971 Can Am Racing cars which were famously orange and infamously successful in Can Am.,15080/1971-McLaren-M8F_photo.aspx#photo However I've never heard of this Steve McClaren fellow, so I guess we're even. Still, this being an automotive website, I rather doubt that you've ignorant of the facts, particularly noting that McLaren as a company (without Bruce McLaren who is deceased) is still active in F1 racing. Therefore I suspect a British sense of humor which couldn't resist taking advantage of a misspelling to make a joke, such as it is.

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