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BMW unveiled what is surely going to be the American Dental Association’s Car of the Year, the 2013 BMW M6, at the Geneva Auto Show. Sporting the fat, bloated body of the 6-Series, along with the M5’s turbocharged 560 horsepower V8, we can only await the arrival of an M6 Gran Coupe now that this anticlimactic coupe has revealed itself.



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26 Comments on “Geneva 2012: 2013 BMW M6 “Fat Elvis” Edition...”

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    “I don’t want to be like the big Elvis” – Naoko Yamano.

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    Man Derek, you’re spreading the BMW hate pretty thick today. Did someone from Munich pee in your cornflakes?

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      Maybe he’s just documenting how BMW is making fatter, softer vehicles in order to chase market share. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with that – I’m sure that any successful manufacturer’s first priority is to make money- it’s just that not everyone celebrates this transformation.

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        How is this car worse than an 850i from 89? Or does anybody remember the ‘slender’ rear of an E24 6 series?

        BMW has been doing heavy Coupes for quite a while now. The first 6 series also wasn’t exactly slim compared to an e12 5 series.. This one is far better than its direct predecessor. And the Gran Coupe looks like a nice stylish 7 series alternative for wealthy older couples.

        What’s wrong with that? BMW still build a 1M you know?

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      I think its the shear massiveness of the car and the brand dilution problem that bmw is starting to have. I think new 6 series looks great in person, but its also a yacht. At least you can get it with a manual.

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      To be fair, Derek seems to be spreading the hate around to all manufacturers equally. All day every day. I think it’s getting tiresome.

      I think this is a decent looking care. Who cares that it’s a yacht? The 6 was always BMW’s big GT coupe. If you want something closer to a sports car, they have the 1M.

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      Very satisfied 325e owner here. Not very satisfied with the new 6.

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        Agree. BMW is turning itself into a maker of luxo-barges and, while that is a very profitable business model, it leaves me less and less interested in their cars.

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        I don’t think current owners of 325es are the M6’s target market, so I doubt they’re concerned about your satisfaction or lack thereof.

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    Sue me, but I think this is a good-looking car. They already have the M3 and 1M, which are just fine as serious sports cars with smaller footprints.

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      Sue me as well; I think it’s an unbelievably beautiful car. If I were rich I’d buy one and park it in my dream garage, between the Evora and CTS-V wagon. :D

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    What I am really waiting for is the TTAC review of the new 3 (preferably 328i Sportline as it sounds like the one thing everyone agrees on is that it out handles the 335i by a noticeable margin). Inside Line was rough on it but Motor Trend (former TTACer Jonny Lieberman) loved it. Normally i’d take that as meaning that it’s gotten as numb and fat as much Now I’d like to see you, Derek, and/or (preferably and) Michael, Baruth, Brendan and whomever else that I’m forgetting but who typically does reviews weigh in.

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      Working on it! I’m very intrigued by the 328i and the I6 -> Turbo 4 transition.

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      Great!! Bungled my message above and couldn’t edit it. What I meant to say was “as much of the rest of the BMW lineup has. However, even though he’s now at MT, I do still place faith in Lieberman’s opinions especially since he made clear his displeasure with BMW’s general direction in that same article.”

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      I have a 328i scheduled for 3/14-3/21. Unfortunately it’s an automatic Luxury Line. 335i in May, don’t know yet how it will be equipped.

      I have mixed feelings about the turbo four after sampling it in the Z4 and 528. Good power and economy, and even sounds good compared to most other fours, but the sound and feel still aren’t remotely the same as with a good six.

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    What’s funny is that I don’t really like this as a 6-series, but if Buick or Lincoln introduced a big coupe like this I’d be absolutley giddy.

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    Wait, until your dentist finds out what you wrote here…

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    “Sporting the fat, bloated body of the 6-Series”

    First, they look amazing in person. Second, it’s a GT car. It’s not for track days, it’s for driving down to Carmel on the PCH for dinner in a big, comfortable, powerful car.

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    I don’t get the carbon fiber roof treatment. How many buyers of this type of car don’t want a sunroof? That drive down to Carmel would be much more pleasant.

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    Foe the most part BMW is getting softer through out the entire line. We may not like it but they’re following the money and regular folks out number gear heads at least 15 to 1.

    In fact, a day just might come when BMW decides to hell with enthusiasts. We can make much more money with status seekers (don’t suck your teeth and roll your eyes–it could happen).

    I’m just glad M3s still exist with sporting intentions and I’m guessing the 1M will continue with the new model.

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    Just because one serves one segment in one way, does not mean that it must, or necessarily should, serve all segments in that way; this is true whichever perspective one starts from.

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    we can all thank the car buying preferences of the wealthy Chinese for this new 6-Series.

    and the Panamera too.

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