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After a lot of soul-searching, googling, and a good dose of arbitrary decisions, Edmunds published the list of the 100 Most Beautiful Cars of All Times, something that should bring traffic to the Edmunds site for years to come.

Interestingly, one of the most expensive cars of all times, the Bugatti Veyron, landed on rank 100. Which is the Edmunds way of saying that it is butt-ugly. The Volkswagen CC, a Pontiac Grand Am, even a Chrysler Town & Country are considered prettier.

While Volkswagen is devastated by the verdict, which cars are the absolute rulers in Edmunds’ beauty pageant?

The absolute ruler of the list, the most beautiful of the most beautiful, is the 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400. The car that was launched when the first Golf was launched shares its hard creases. Solace for snubbed Volkswagen: Lamborghini belongs to Wolfsburg now.

The second-most beautiful car according to Edmunds is the 1931 Duesenberg Model J Long Wheelbase Coupe. Too bad they don’t make it anymore. Wait! Don’t mention that to the Chinese!

Third on the podium: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. If I’d be into car porn, that’s the car I would use for … going to the bathroom.

The full list can be found here.


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28 Comments on “This Is Not The Most Beautiful Cars Of All Times. Not By A Long Shot...”

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    The Doctor

    … as picked by Stevie Wonder etc, etc…

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      Agreed. The LP400 is a good design, but certainly not in the same league as its predecessor the Miura. That car should have been number one.

      As to the Duesenberg Model J- that car is kind of like Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. It’s supposed to be ‘the best film ever’ according to the critics, but it is one deadly boring dud for anyone else.

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        I remember when the Countach came out. I was a kid and practically fantasized about just seeing one in person. But I also remember reading about them and not everyone in the press back then was impressed with the styling. Seems most didn’t have much positive to say.

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    I do believe Edmunds is just trolling the entire internet car community with these 100-top lists. That, and seriously trying to bump some site metrics.

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    What on earth? Jag E-Type, Aston (several, but DB5, DB9, Vanquish comes to mind), Toyota 2000GT… E-Type is only 7th. Stratos only just above half way. And the Ford F-100 is 51st… I’ve lost all faith. However, I do accept car design is quite subjective.

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    I remember the Countach as a beautiful car, but I saw one on the street over the weekend and it just looked gaudy. Maybe it’s because I remember the 70’s that anything from that era now seems un-stylish, the other two of the top three were from before I was born and so seem to possess a more timeless beauty.

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      I’m betting that the one you saw on the street was a later version, after the purity of the design had been obliterated by a raft of wings, flaps, bulges, flares, and various other indignities inflicted on it.

      I’d call the original LP400 a lot of things. Striking. Dramatic. Fabulous. Intense. Brilliant. I wouldn’t call it beautiful. And that’s coming from someone who thinks it’s the greatest supercar of all time.

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    The Countach is certainly 100 times more attractive than the Veyron, particularly in its initial trim.

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    Of all 100 cars on the list, the Lambo Miura would get my vote as number one. That one really does it for me.

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    Is that the Duesenberg that gave us the term of endearment, “it’s a Duesey”?

    That is a nice ride. The yellow thing on the other hand…

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    word is bond

    So hilarious. It’s like when clever comedians tweet something preposterous and inflammatory, so they have the opportunity to retweet those who aren’t in on the joke. The joke is in the response – except in this case… Edmunds is serious.
    So… Actually – it’s pretty confusing, I don’t know who should be laughing at who.

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    It really was a sad list. About half of the cars are truly beautfiul. A few were clearly just the author’s wacky choices (Grand Prix, really?) But way too many are what I would call just desirable. All those 60s and 70s Euro sports cars may be lustworthy, but that doesn’t mean they are particularly beautiful. I can think of at least a dozen cars (just from Japan) that are more beautiful, but may not have the lineage, performance, cult status or collectability that matches the aformetentioned sprots cars. But they are way more beautiful (various gens of Supra, MR2, NSX, SC, LS, 240Z, Celica, TL, Cosmo, Prelude). A beautiful design, conversely, may not be lustworthy for other reasons. I think the DeLorean is one of the most beautiful cars of the 80s. But do I lust after it now. No. But the list got lotsa clicks fromm me, and that’s what it’s all about.

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      I agree with “marc” that the author’s feelings of lust towards certain cars probably clouded his view of “beautiful” design. As Paul Niedermeyer concluded in the “Curbside Classic” of the 1970 Camaro, “Raw attraction is all too often crude, hormonal, and indiscriminate; but true beauty is self-evident and timeless, like good art, a beautiful woman, or an inspired car.”

      Not a bad list – but the author was undoubtedly attracted to certain cars because of something other than their styling.

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    I wonder how many times they google image searched variations of “beautiful car”…

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    Nice to see the the ’73 Grand AM get some love. I almost bought one for my first car, but there was a lot of rust hiding under that swoopy body. I can’t see how a 69 Camaro makes the top 50, much less top 10, although I’ll concede the Z28 treatment was pretty cool.

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    Not really a bad list overall, but with a few crazy inclusions and ommissions. The previously mentioned Pontiac Grand Am and Chrysler Town and Country have no business on this list. Neither does the 2013 Ford Fusion or the 1957 Chevy IMO, despite its popularity.

    Ommissions? Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see the 1953 Studebaker Champion? I would put it in the top 10.
    And regardless of what you think of the Volkswagen CC, I beleive the original Audi TT and Audi A4 both beat it by a mile. Not sure they belong on the list either, but they certainly belong over the CC. And I think both the Volvo P1800 and C30 deserve a spot on the list.

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    I went through the entire list, looking for the 1963 Riviera, the 1966 Pontiac GTO and the 1960 Valiant, and when none were shown, I realized I had been duped.

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    LOL, TTAC is complaining about other site’s clickbait articles?

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    Someone, a dealership lackey I suspect, parked a Countach outside a restaurant I was at a few weeks ago. He left it idling. “Gaudy” does not do this car justice. In fact, “gaudy” is insulted by the comparison. It’s a bad joke told for the benfit of extremely wealthy idiots. And it sounded like a Honda at very high idle with rusted out mufflers.

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    The Countach? Really?

    Where is the Alfa Romeo 8C?

    Why is the Alfa 33 so low?

    Where are all the other beautiful Lancias (i.e. most of them)

    Where’s the reborn Ford GT?

    Why isn’t the Miura #1?

    Who is the blind idiot that put the Riviera and the Veyron on the list?

    Who hired the twats that work at Edmunds?

    I could go on and on….but I’d be feeding the Edmunds Trolls even more.

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    A Chevy El Camino ranks ahead of the FD RX-7? A Ford F-100 ranks ahead of the BMW CS3.0?

    My god! this list is sh*t

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    E type 7th? Are you kidding me? This list sucks. Ferrari 250 GTO 3rd? OK, I live with that one anywhere in the top 3

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    Felis Concolor

    Fall On Your Sword Dept.: A 1985 Camaro and no Firebird counterpart in that list? Edmunds lost credibility with me long ago, so this oversight only serves to reconfirm my belief.

    No 1965 Corvair? “You have 3 lines: now draw a car with them.” Among the year’s style setters, I prefer the Corvair’s lines over Ferrari’s early 250 GTO bodies.

    I may spend more time looking at what’s available in the USA, but I do take some time to appreciate the gorgeous offerings that were never intended for this market. I find the lack of Citroen’s DS to be an egregious omission, along with the SM’s absence from that list; both are clear indications of the author’s age – or lack thereof.

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    This list comes off like a desperate attempt to give Edmunds readers something they can relate to without breaking a sweat. Must have been drawn up by a historical illiterate, or someone too wet behind the ears to know about classic cars.

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    These “top whatever” -lists always generate endless amounts of angry posts on forums or comments, and that’s probably the only thing they’re good for. For example I fail to notice any Swedish or Soviet Bloc cars on the list, and now I am frothing with rage.

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    Glad to see the 3rd gen F-body on that last, I owned an 89. The 1992 25th anniversary package with the high spoiler was the best looking though, not the 1985 Iroc. 1992 camaro was the best looking camaro of all time, I don’t know what they were smoking at GM when they designed the new camaro’s interior/gunslit windows/fake vents…I would buy a an 89-92 with an LS conversion and upgraded suspension anytime over the current monstrosity .

    On unrelated notes, the idea that the F40 is only number 63 is laughable and I see a distinct lack of ’31 imperials, 88′ supras, and acura NSXes

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    That was a stupid list. Went through briefly, found it to be overly americanized, and quite randomly at that. Only one Cord, at #72??
    Missing the Corvair as mentioned by someone here?? WTH? And I won’t even begin with the missing European and Japanese cars, because this guy does not know anything about car design.

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