Hyundai Elantra Coupe and GT: The Lightest Cars In The Class, Except When They Aren't

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

Ah, the unbearable lightness of being Hyundai! The Elantra GT has arrived, looking quite sleek, quite desirable, and clocking in at 2,784 pounds. That’s 151 pounds lighter than the next-best player in the segment — Mazda’s similarly Tyson-faced Mazda3 — and

well ahead of the Focus and Golf. The point was driven home by a little show-and-tell, as seen above, to which the Chicago media reacted with thunderous applause. Hear me now, believe me later, and remember it when you are shopping for your next car: The Elantra GT is the lightest car in its class.

The Elantra Coupe? Well…

Buried in the middle of the press materials is the slightly annoying truth: the Elantra Coupe, at 2,687 pounds, is non-trivially heavier than the new Civic Coupe, which weighs 2,594. Against that disadvantage, the Elantra offers fourteen cubic feet of additional interior space, eight more horsepower, six-speed transmissions to play the Civic’s five-speeders, a better EPA fuel economy (which is currently estimated at the magic and controversial 40mpg highway) and standard electronic nannies.

Still, if you need the lightest coupe in the segment, the Elantra ain’t it. One wonders how much a Civic five-door would weigh.

In his opening speech, Hyundai’s CEO, John Krafcik, hinted at something that we were able to confirm: both the GT and Coupe will be assembled exclusively in Korea.

Photography courtesy of Julie Hyde

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Otaku Otaku on Feb 08, 2012

    I've always preferred lightweight cars. For the most part they tend to offer better fuel economy and are usually more fun to toss around in the turns. Pretty sure my '08 Focus Coupe is right around the same 2600-2700 pound range of these Honda/Hyundai coupes. However, while I haven't sat in the current Honda Civic coupe, if it's proportions are similar to my friend's 2009 model, I think it would probably feel a bit too small and uncomfortable for me. I would be willing to look past the extra 100 lb weight penalty for the additional passenger/cargo space and overall comfort.

  • NewEdgePerformance NewEdgePerformance on Feb 09, 2012

    Would Hyundai consider offering either the 204hp 1.6T or the 274hp 2.0T in either the Coupe or the Hatch? I think those combinations would be winners in the performance compact category! "How hard could it be?" Hyundai, are you listening? Tony D New Edge Performance &

    • Dougjp Dougjp on Feb 09, 2012

      Especially as the Veloster turbo was redesigned ugly along with getting the good engine.

  • Bd2 If they let me and the boyz roll around naked in their dealership I'll buy a Chinese car.
  • THX1136 I would not 'knowingly' purchase a Chinese built or brand. I am somewhat skeptical of actual build quality. What I've seen in other Chinese made products show them to be of low quality/poor longevity. They are quite good at 'copying' a design/product, but often they appear to take shortcuts by using less reliable materials and/or parts. And , yes, I know that is not exclusive to Chinese products. When I was younger 'made in Japan' was synonymous with poor quality (check John Entwistle's tune 'Made in Japan' out for a smile). This is not true today as much of Japan's output is considered very favorably and, in some product types, to be of superior quality. I tend to equate the same notion today for things 'made in China'.
  • Mike Beranek No, but I'm for a world where everyone, everywhere buys cars (and everything else) that are sourced and assembled regionally. Shipping big heavy things all over the planet is not a solution.
  • Jeffrey No not for me at this time
  • El scotto Hmm, my VPN and security options have 12-month subscriptions. Car dealers are not accountable to anyone except the owner. Of course, the dealer principles are running around going "state of the art security!", "We need dedicated IT people!" For the next 12 months. The hackers can wait.