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Our man Ronnie Schreiber was on the ground for the introduction of the Acura NSX concept. It’s supposed to be an Ohio-built, SH-AWD wondercar. Ronnie will have detailed notes for us later. Until then, check out Speed:Sport:Life for the best NSX photo gallery on the Web right now!

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23 Comments on “NAIAS: Acura NSX Concept...”

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    Nothing about it really says “Acura” to me (save the opening at the front). This is a good thing! I like it.

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    Audi R8 anyone?

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      No Thanks

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      I don’t see it. The press was very agreeable about only photographing the R8 from ankle level, but they look pretty awkward from eye level. This concept car doesn’t look like it has three feet of front overhang, nor does it have poorly defined fenders or ‘blades’ trying to mask its sheer mass.

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    If that’s not cribbed from the latest Lotus concepts, I don’t know what is.

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    The interesting thing about this new NSX is that its basically the future RL/MDX running in reverse.

    As revealed by Honda’s engine program (and shown in the recent electric SH-AWD Accord mule):

    Essentially we have a 3.5L V-6 two-mode hybrid mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This hybrid system is able to power the rear-wheels via electric motors mounted in the wheels. So no need of a central drive shaft, which will conserve weight and cost.

    With the engine mounted in the front in an FF configuration, this system will become the basis for a hybrid RL/MDX SH-AWD car with motors motivating the rear, mounted in an MR layout the engine will directly power the rear wheels and the electric motors will power the front.

    Its a wonderful idea and very modular. Most importantly, its a cost-effective way to make a AWD mid-engined sportscar using essentially the same components as their volume cars. This reduces the need for bespoke components and should dramatically reduce costs.

    Which opens the possibility for the NSX to be ‘affordable’ and not some super-exotic like the LFA that no one but a very few can drive.

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      Since super exotics these days are sold on account on how fast someone ostensibly drove them around the Nordschleife, and there’s got to be some limit to the size of the batteries this thing come equipped with, attainable “super car” is probably where it’s at.

      Well tuned, it should be a hoot on the street, though; which is all that really matter to those of us who care less about lap times around Nürburgring, than out-and-back times to work.

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      Toyota has had this same setup (electric motor providing AWD) in the RX400h and Highland Hybrid since 2006. I’ve driven a 400h in snow and it actually works surprisingly well.

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    It actually looks a lot like the AASC (Acura Advanced Sports Concept or something like that) that Acura showed off a few years ago. The one with details that reminded some people of a Corvette. Anyway, you can see that the car is derived from that concept, but with much, much better execution (imo).

    The R8 looks great in its own way, but only because it has those blades to hide its length. Acura’s car looks better in its general shape, if not in the details.

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    Someone, please, tell Acura that the “beak” thing never worked and every successive iteration is getting uglier.

    Take that idiotic “design icon” off this car and it would look amazing.

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    Good looking car, much sleeker than the R8.

    Except for the Acura Beak. Please, for the love of all that’s Holy, lose The Beak.

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd they can’t even draw an attractive NSX anymore. What’s with Acura?! Did they fire everyone with talent? This is so derivative and uninspired it looks like the generic car you see in insurance ads. Some brave chief designer needs to walk into the studio and trash all the computers. I am convinced the only way to get beautiful cars again is go back to pencils on paper.
    Full disclosure – Frustrated Bachelor of Fine Arts degree holder.

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      Short answer, yes.

      See: 2004 TL. Then look at (by even admission of corporate) the 2009 TL (even when we got in our first ZDX back in late 2009 we all let out a collective ‘WTF?’, and sales have reflected this).

      Supposedly, the ’09 TL designer got fired too.

      Sidebar: don’t even get me started on the cancellation of the RSX.

      ‘I am convinced the only way to get beautiful cars again is go back to pencils on paper.’ – COMPLETELY agreed. However, in the age of an iPad being able to do the work 20 CAD guys used to do, good luck.

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    Saw this reveal today, and can only say that it looks way better in person than it does in photos. And I should know….I took about 200 of them, every angle, aperture and zoom, and none do it justice. And the only reason it looks like an R8 (slightly) is because the R8 was originally drawn as the redesigned NSX.

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    I’m probably the only person on earth who hated how the NSX drove. It was really crude, but at least it looked awesome. This one has swoopy styling, and for some people that’s enough. This is not a very sexy car.

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    Some of Honda’s designers are awaking from coma.

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    Nice to see the NSX back. The side and back look pretty good but Honda needs to loose the silly headlight strips and Acura beak.

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    The good news is Acura is trying to get back to building sports cars. The bad news is Acura still doesn’t get it–the extremely repulsive and polarizing buck tooth chrome beak grille needs to be completely abandoned and does not belong on any car whatsoever. Everytime I see an Acura, (a somewhat rare sight since Acura sales are dismal) I just think to myself how could anyone.actually buy and drive such an ugly car. I need to replace an Accord soon, but as long as Acura continues to blight the landscape with its hideous grille, I will never buy one or recommend one to anyone

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