NAIAS: Acura NSX Concept

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
naias acura nsx concept

Our man Ronnie Schreiber was on the ground for the introduction of the Acura NSX concept. It’s supposed to be an Ohio-built, SH-AWD wondercar. Ronnie will have detailed notes for us later. Until then, check out Speed:Sport:Life for the best NSX photo gallery on the Web right now!

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  • Hifi Hifi on Jan 09, 2012

    I'm probably the only person on earth who hated how the NSX drove. It was really crude, but at least it looked awesome. This one has swoopy styling, and for some people that's enough. This is not a very sexy car.

  • Wallstreet Wallstreet on Jan 09, 2012

    Some of Honda's designers are awaking from coma.

  • Disaster Disaster on Jan 10, 2012

    Nice to see the NSX back. The side and back look pretty good but Honda needs to loose the silly headlight strips and Acura beak.

  • Autoguy Autoguy on Feb 03, 2012

    The good news is Acura is trying to get back to building sports cars. The bad news is Acura still doesn't get it--the extremely repulsive and polarizing buck tooth chrome beak grille needs to be completely abandoned and does not belong on any car whatsoever. Everytime I see an Acura, (a somewhat rare sight since Acura sales are dismal) I just think to myself how could anyone.actually buy and drive such an ugly car. I need to replace an Accord soon, but as long as Acura continues to blight the landscape with its hideous grille, I will never buy one or recommend one to anyone