My Tofu Delivery Career Begins Tomorrow…

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

Scion’s “First 86” promotion opens tomorrow at noon EST. The first eighty-six deliveries of the new FR-S will be allocated to “winners” of the competition. To enter, one simply has to be willing to put $500 down within 72 hours — and willing to take delivery of the FR-S when it’s ready.

I am willing to do both.

I’m selecting the Ultramarine Blue with six-speed manual transmission. Will I be one of the “lucky winners”? I have no idea. It might be that ten thousand people apply tomorrow… or it might be me and one other frustrated forty-year-old street racer.

Either way, I will be detailing my experience as a potential “First 86” contestant and purchaser here on TTAC. And although it should go without saying, I should point out that I will be personally purchasing the vehicle. It won’t belong to TTAC, it won’t be a freebie from Toyota, it won’t be anybody’s corporate perk.

Cross your fingers for me, and we will see how it goes… and if you will be competing against me to get your own FR-S, please use this space, and the articles to come, to detail your own experiences.

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Wsn Wsn on Jan 12, 2012

    Talk is cheap. Especially on a car forum, you will have hundreds of so called enthusiasts wanting to buy that maunal diesel Saab wagon. But no one actually did. But this piece is for real. At least 6 posters put down their $500. Toyota is the real deal.

  • Stottpie Stottpie on Jan 12, 2012

    i don't understand how you can buy a car, or agree to buy a car without knowing the price. this first 86 is a clever marketing ploy to gauge demand. i wish people wouldn't indulge them.

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    • Burgersandbeer Burgersandbeer on Jan 12, 2012

      @stottpie This seems to be completely non-binding, and as mentioned looks like a tool to gauge interest. Maybe Toyota/Subaru haven't decided how many they want to build yet? If the price is too high or the car doesn't drive as expected, people can cancel. I'm guessing this will be a toy car for anyone trying to be among the first 86 anyway. As a weekend/track car, this thing looks unlikely to disappoint. Considering it's supposed to be available in spring of this year, I'm surprised there isn't more pricing information available. From what I can tell the BRZ will have more standard equipment and probably be priced a few grand higher, but that's it. I've read everything from topping out at $25k to "something less than $30k." You would think their little game to gauge interest would be more effective if people knew what the car was going to cost...

  • Trucky McTruckface Trucky McTruckface on Jan 12, 2012

    Jack, if you aren't one of the "First 86," will you still get one? I keep telling myself I'm going to hold off on a new vehicle for a couple more years, but this car is still pretty tempting. If the price is right (under $24k) and the highway mileage is decent enough (30+), it'll be on the short list for my next commuter.

  • Mnm4ever Mnm4ever on Jan 13, 2012

    Well, I am 41, not 40, but an ex-street racer, and I put in my entry too. Firestorm Red, with a stick of course.