Germany In November 2011: Still Up

germany in november 2011 still up

The German new car market appears to be unimpressed by the European tribulations. Germans bought 269.144 new cars in November, up 2.6 percent compared to November 2010. This according to registration data released by the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt.

Year-to-date, 2.93 million units were bought in Europe’s largest car market. The government agency estimates that by the end of the year, Germans will have bought 3.2 million new cars, 10 percent above 2010.

Germans rekindled their love of diesel. 135,94 oilburners were sold, 50.2 percent of all new cars. Pure plug-ins? 83.

Larger cars are still en vogue. SUVs are up 7.1 percent. Subcompacts are down 22 percent.

Full data (in German) are here. Don’t get fooled by the 400 percent plus of Lancia. Chryslers are now part of the Lancia total.

Let’s see what the rest of Europe will bring. Judging from remarks made by European execs at the Tokyo Motor Show and after the third sake, the European total for November could be not so hot.

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