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Nissan today released the 2012 model of its super car that is not only for the super rich, the GT-R. This is not a pre-announcement of what will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show a few weeks from now. According to Nissan, the car “goes on sale in Japan on November 24 at Nissan dealers nationwide.”

The 2012 model has more power (550 hp, nominal), more torque (632 Nm), and uses a bit less gas (8.6 km/liter or 20 mpg, definitely non-EPA).

Unofficial acceleration times, measured on Sendai Highland Raceway, November 3:

  • 0-100km/h: 2.8 sec. 
  • 0-60mph: 2.7 sec.

With the 2012 GT-R, Nissan most likely will have another go at the Nordschleife. Nissan certainly dropped ample hints during the launch.

“We have a car that has the potential to go from 0-100 km/h (0-62mph) in under 3 seconds, lap the Nurburgring in less than 7 minutes 20 seconds, and cruise at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour,” said Chief Vehicle Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno.

And just in case you missed the subtle hint, Nissan will also sell you a  “For TRACK PACK” (get it?) that was jointly developed with the NordRing (get it?)  company in Japan. The pack ditches the rear seats, lightens the weight further with lighter aluminum-alloy wheels and gives the car a stiffer suspension.

The current Nordschleife lap time of the GT-R stands at 7:24.22. At “less than 7 minutes 20 seconds,” the GT-R would have to hustle to upset the Nordschleife production model ranking. Discounting the barely street legal and not quite production cheater models by Radical and Gumpert (read race cars with blinkers attached), there is ample competition amongst the bona-fide production cars, notably the Dodge Viper ACR at 7:12.13, the “Nürburgring Package” Lexus LFA at 7:14.64, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS at 7:18, and the Chevrolet Corvette at 7:19.63  – just to name a few.

Once the weather at the Ring gets halfway predictable again, look forward to a high intensity race, of which most manufacturers claim that it doesn’t exist.


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13 Comments on “Watch Out, Nordschleife: Nissan Launches 2012 GT-R...”

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    Almost Jake

    While I always was impressed with the performance of the GT-R, the look has never won me over. The fact it looks too much like a garden-variety Mitsubishi Eclipse is a real let down. If I planned to spend that kind of money on a car, I’d want it to look the part too.

    • 0 avatar

      I’ve thought same looking at pictures, but on the road they do have presence. Large cars, and they’re rarely going slowly.

      They look more expensive in motion.

    • 0 avatar

      Anonymity is a good thing. Cars that stand out and get attention can be a pain in the ass. For example getting ambushed with questions every time you stop at a convenience store. One of the worst examples is the “leap-frog” gawker. They first pass you – staring at you and the car as they pass. When they get in front of you, they slow down so you have to pass in order for them to get another look. Then, they repeat the process. There are also the situations where the driver turns and tries to photograph the car with their cell phone as they’re passing (or when you are passing) and you have to pray they don’t lose control and wipe out into your side.

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      John R

      I’ll second rwb. I’ve seen 6 different GT-Rs in the wild since having been out and there is presence. It is different. It’s not the same a seeing a Lambo or Ferrari (Hooray! Gallardo!).

      For me it’s bizarre seeing one. Like looking at something in the air and having that internal debate as to whether or not you’re looking at alien spacecraft. “Wait. What is that?? Is that…is that a GT-R?”

      Amongst a sea of typical morning commute fair (base ‘vettes, camcordibus, 3-series and infiniti g’s, etc…) it really and truly looks alien.

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        there’s plenty around here (an RHD market)

        they have massive road prescense because everyone knows what it is due the massive exposure in Gt5/Forza4/popular media and their 25 yr old modern heritage

        i also think they are an anachronism… with modern metro speed limits as low 25-35mph and the push for hybrids why does one need a car that gets 20mpg and worse and 0-60 in 3 seconds?

        i applaud people who thumb their nose at authority with these cars

        i also don’t greatly like the way they look but there’s a fun feeling know you’re driving the fastest there is (short of a veyron)

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    Lump the Viper in the “Racecar with blinkers attached” category… well… as long as the non-road-certified front splitter is attached.

    Can’t Nissan leave well enough alone? Getting sick of Nurb times… though I’m pretty certain this car will be capable of a time well under 7:20 with that Track Pack, that’s not really going to matter to most owners… as it’ll likely be unbearable on the road.

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    +1 on what everyone else has said regarding presence. I’ve only seen one, parked at night in front of a downtown restaurant, and another, stopped at a light where I was taking a left.

    You don’t see them until you’re practically on top of them, and when you do, it is a refreshing experience.

    Doesn’t look like an Italian supercar. While that has it’s supercar downsides, it doesn’t scream bald-orthodontist mid-life crisis, either.

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    “it doesn’t scream bald-orthodontist mid-life crisis, either.”

    It does, if not scream, at least suggest: “I race bald orthodontists in Italian super cars on the Internet, and my blog is faster and more sensible than theirs”, though :)

    550Hp, 2.7 to 60! I’m still personally more interested in the FT-86, but taken far enough, at some point excess does start generating it’s own appeal. Especially if they hold the line on pricing.

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    What a magnificent vehicle. I saw one in my Gym parking lot the other day, it isn’t quite as striking in person. Granted I have seen an R8, 911 GT3 and S8 in that lot too.

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    Whether you like this car or not, you really have to hand it to Nissan for the continuous improvement on this model. While other sports car makers “changes” are colors or different option packages, Nissan is really driven to make this car better and better with each model year.

    Bravo Nissan!

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    i also wonder how much nissan are spending on this and if they actually make any money… i get the feeling this ia a giant money sink for Carlos Ghosn and they only do it because they can and its a 50yr tradition

    all the while Toyota try to snow us under with teasers like the LFA/FT86 etc. Nissan just make it happen

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