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Say what you want about Saab fans, the guys have some dedication. At a time when most have finally accepted the fact that Saab is at the end of the line, Saab’s hard-core “dead-enders” are taking up their social media arms to rescue their beloved brand. After all they have a perfect opportunity: after months of wading through a quagmire, uncertain whether to support Victor Muller, Vladimir Antonov, or one of Saab’s Chinese suitors, all Saab fans can now rally against their old enemy, GM. Long blamed for Saab’s decline despite the fact that the brand’s peak sales came under its ownership, GM has long been the bête noire for Saabistas. And with GM now taking the wheel of Saab’s fate, Saab’s rabid fans have taken over GM’s Facebook wall, posting images of their favorite Saabs and demanding The General “let Saab go.” Will it be enough to convince GM to go against its carefully-crafted Chinese relationships and interests by giving Saab carte blanche to ship its technology wherever its new Chinese masters want? Don’t count on it. But for the moment GM has to sit through the online equivalent of an “Occupy” protest.

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34 Comments on “Saabistas Occupy GM’s Facebook Page...”

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    Wow, you sure know how to write as condescendingly as possible about a small but enthusiastic group of auto-enthusiasts.

    How dare these people wish that an iconic car manufacturer stays alive.

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      Brother, you must be new around here… I write condescendingly about everything.

      Also, the traditional way of “saving” a car brand is to buy its new cars. Anything else is, to some extent, asking for a certain amount of condescension.

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        I’ve been reading TTAC since the beginning. So what is that, 6 years?

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        OK, so you’ve been here longer than me. Carry on then…

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        What new cars? The factory has been stalled.

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        Gee really? I thought the traditional way of “saving” a car brand was to get the government to coerce US taxpayers into purchasing equity in your corporation.

        And don’t forget: hundreds of thousands of those Saab customers were also GM customers, who were non-too-ceremoniously dumped by GM in 2009. And this after having what was probably their only real salvation, the sale of the entire company to a Chinese interest ala Volvo, cut off at the knees by GM’s decision to sell the Chinese rights to the then-current Saab models, to BAIC.

        As someone said on an Edmunds forum: “Leave it to GM to put a car maker it doesn’t even own into bankruptcy. Takes a special kind of talent.”

        Cheesy move by a company that’s had decades of practice being cheesy.

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      You lost me at “iconic”.

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      Wishing via Facebook is a cute exercise that does nothing to “let Saab go”. Now, if a portion of these 300k followers want to sign up to buy new Saabs, then GM might listen.

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    Hardcore Saab apologists put forth a photo of an overweight re-badged Opel as their best case for Saab? Priceless!

    They should have yelled Let Saab Go when the GM was turning the 9000 into a bloviating V6 driven pig. Too late now, go collect your spare automatic transmission, you gonna need it.

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    Just let the brand die so the employees can go work for Volvo and figure out a way to bring the V60 over with the diesel-hybrid drivetrain.

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    Occupy Wall Street should go Occupy GM to protest the money the government pissed away on the bailout.

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    John R

    Man oh man. This “cause” reminds me of the guys who bum rush Red Lobster to free the lobsters. Come guys, find a more worth while cause.

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    I’m sure GM is happy to have deranged badge fans drowning out the legitimate wall posts of Saturn owners writing about their class action lawsuit. First Saabs were reverse engineered DKWs. Then they bought engines from Ford. Then they designed their own platform and powered it with a Triumph engine. Then they sold rebadged Fiat-Lancias. One might conclude that ‘Saab’ was over when the 600 and 9000 reached the market, not that there was much to the their contribution to the car world other than the 99’s design. Sales were insufficient, and GM turned them into a badge. People love that badge, but they are people that could just as easily love foot odor or Cabbage Patch Kids. They don’t need another Chinese company with rights to mediocre GM platforms, they need a breakthrough in psychology.

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    Have the Saabistas already forgot who got Saab into this cul-de-sac in the first place? That’s right, the culprit is none other than Victor Muller, who foolishly brought in Chinese partners on the owner side. Did anyone really think that GM would approve of that?!

    What the Saabistas should have done was to use all of their enormous influence to encourage their Dutch hero to find owners that GM might just have approved, which necessarily would have meant non-Chinese partners.

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    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    Why should GM listen to Saab fans? They have already did that once…didn’t really work out well for, well anybody.

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    Really tired of these dorks.

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    Whoever they are wishing will save Saab it won’t be the close personal friend of Mr Muller, Mr Antonov. It would appear tonight that Lithuanian authorities have seized control of his bank for financial mis-management and issues concerning the availability of loans…

    Availability of loans? I wonder who might possibly have borrowed money from him?….

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    dead enders = deadbeats?

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    I think there’s some projection going on. The Saabistas say “Let Saab go!”. It’s the Saab enthusiasts that have to let it go. Accept your quirky car company’s demise and start the grieving process.

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    There’s something to be said about the corporate juggernaut which exists only thanks to the forced generosity of the people refusing to extend the same courtesy to others. Karma?

    What really bugs me about this situation is how GM could not keep Saab, unloaded Saab, yet retains any semblance of say in what happens to it. It’s akin to selling your Corvette, then telling the new owner what he can and can’t do with it.

    Let a couple-a sauced-up Sven’s resurrect the badge in a shed.

    And, in a semi-related note, I had one of them new-fangled, born-from-jets 9-5s in my six at about 80mph all the way to the office the morning – and we passed a thankfully rare early 3rd generation Pontiac Grand Am. Thought it was ironic. Technically, GM management killed them both in the end.

    Feel free to discount my thoughts as those of the Mitsubishi fanboy I proudly admit to being. :P

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      “It’s akin to selling your Corvette, then telling the new owner what he can and can’t do with it.”

      Yes, but the ‘Corvette’ still has some of your valuables in the trunk.

      If you’re a Mitsu fanboy… well, I really can’t help you. :)

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    That blue 9-5 in the picture is lovely…just sayin’

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    Despite my oft-mentioned hatred for GM and the automaker taxpayer bailouts, I am with the General on this one.

    If it wasn’t for GM, SAAB would’be been dead decades ago.

    Just sayin’…

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