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I’m sure you know the stage trick where a woman is sawed in half and lives. Now, try the same with a Volvo and a truck loaded with masses of steel bars. Volvo S40 crashes into truck. Bundles of steel bars crash through the windshield,  exit on the other side of the car. What happens to the driver and front seat passenger?

They walk.

At least they did in a freak accident in rural Zhejiang Province in China. As reported by Carnewschina,  the driver  and his passenger “literally ducked for safety” and survived with minor injuries.  With a little less luck, they would be kebab.

Don’t try this at home.

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23 Comments on “Guess What Happened To The Driver?...”

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    I would wonder how well the steel bars were secured to the truck–it looks like most of the damage to the car was due to the steel bars and not due to an impact with the truck.

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    The blood had me worried, but I guess it isn’t much. I hate trucks with unsecured loads!

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    Try ducking in one of today’s new cars like a Taurus or LaCrosse which use a landing bay strip as the center console, about a half inch of steering wheel adjustment up or down and very right front seat quarters. There is literally no place to duck!

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    I am pleased no one was killed. It would have been ugly.

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    And to think that, typically, there is increased safety in a heightened seating position. Not here.

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    My wife has had to dive into the passenger side as well. Ducked the moose which went over the hood and replaced the windshield. Ripped apart and moose guts and excrement rained down on her and all over .

    Happened on a two lane highway back before it was twinned. Its actually called Moose Row.

    Edit: It was a Chev Celebrity. Was.

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    Wow—I would be kissing the pavement after that.Go to church and thank God I am still alive.The would of been a horrible death.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

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    Volt 230

    A Volvo which means it most likely was a government official.

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    A childhood friend of mine met an untimely demise like this in his late teens, while driving an articulated lorry. Another lorry coming the other way lost a single pipe or rod (I’m not 100% sure which it was) on a turn which impaled him to his seat through his chest . Didn’t kill him outright mind you, he evidently managed to pull the rod/pipe back out and fall from the cab before he succumbed.

    All of which profound unpleasantness I share only as a reminded to the boys and girls in the audience to both secure our loads, and treat questionably-laden vehicles with the trepidatious suspicion they deserve. I moved to the states 11 years ago, but I continue to be a bit shocked at how lax enforcement is around the proper securing of loads.

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      It’s not only large trucks. Most pickup drivers seem to believe that there’s some form of magic that immobilizes any object placed onto a truck bed.

      This enchantment also allows mattresses to be held on the roof of a small sedan in a 70 mph wind with a single loop of rope, and be handheld by driver and passenger up to 45 mph or so.

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    The steel pipe on flatbed truck crash is an overused cliche (along with rolling down the stairs or having your head come to a stop against an exposed nail death) in Chinese TV series. I’m surprised it actually happened for real.

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    And this is why you should get as far away from trucks as possible. I believe Mr. Baruth recently called them “death machines on wheels” or something like that. True dat, Jack.

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    Indeed. ‘Stay Back, Stay Alive’ is the sign atop the rear of plow trucks here in The People’s Republic of Minnesota.

    I’m sure the Chinese transit authorities are not as concerned with safety, being a ‘young’ economic superpower and all…

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    Joe McKinney

    Check out this one. A semi truck loaded with salt rolled over onto a pickup. The driver’s side the pickup was crushed, but the driver escaped with only few scratches. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was thrown to the passenger side of the cab before the semi rolled over.

    Interior of pickup cab.[email protected]/3008712667/in/set-72157608722539451

    Exterior of pickup.[email protected]/3009546870/in/set-72157608722539451

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    Cool story bro time;

    A few years back a 4-wheeler crossing the Bay Bridge connecting San Fran and Oakland struck a large crow-bar that had fallen off a contractor’s work ruck.

    Kicked up by the car’s front tire the metal bar pierced the car’s floor and entered the female driver’s abdomen, killing her.

    Surprisingly, the PC crowd did not demand implementation of vehicle floor armoring standards to prevent a repeat performance.

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      Alex French

      I remember seeing an in-car video of some rally car, where the co-driver yelps and ghasps or something, obviously in pain. Turns out they hit a bolt in the road and the tire kicked it through the floorboard and through his seat. Ouch!

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    My mother was witness to a truck carrying a load of pipes many years ago. They were on a true flatbed, without any bulkhead on the front of the trailer, and being the 60’s, very little protection for the cab either. He went in the ditch in front of her house, the truck came to an abrupt stop, the pipes didn’t. She was quite young at the time, second on the scene after her brother. I can’t imagine it was a pleasant sight to behold.

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      They call the barrier at the front of a flatbed trailer or the back of a truck cab a “headache rack” because it is designed to spare the driver the monumental headache of having a piece of cargo come through your skull if you slam on the brakes.

      Of course, if you rear end a stopped truck or trailer you are on your own.

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    Key to surviving this is being a tiny tot.

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    Having seen 3 of the “Final Destination” movies makes me feel that it’s not yet over for this lucky pair.

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    uhm, try that in the new Prius.


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