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BMW released the fifth generation of its high-performance M5 sedan. It is also the world premiere of a new high-revving 4.4-litre V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo package.(“Twin Scroll Twin Turbo technology, cross-bank exhaust manifold, High Precision Direct Petrol Injection and VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control; 412 kW/560 hp at 6,000 – 7,000 rpm, maximum torque: 680 Newton metres (502 lb-ft) from 1,500 rpm; maximum speed: 7,200 rpm; wet sump lubrication optimised for high lateral loads, lag-free power delivery, typical M car thrust.”) Yumsville. Loads of pictures after the jump …

The car gets you to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. Maximum torque increased by 30 per cent over the predecessor, while fuel consumption dropped by green conscience-enhancing 30 per cent.

In the gadget department, the car comes with “Head-Up Display, Adaptive Headlights for standard xenon light, High-Beam Assistant, BMW Night Vision with pedestrian detection, Lane Change Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, Surround View, Speed Limit Info, internet usage, extended integration of smartphones and music players, real-time traffic information and apps for receiving web radio and using Facebook and Twitter.”

BMW sent me more info on the M5 than even a longtime veteran of the auto propaganda business can stomach and possibly work through. But far from me to withhold it from you. Here it is in full length.

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38 Comments on “BMW Unleashes M5 Gen5. TTAC Gives You All The Pictures You Can Eat...”

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    Jack Baruth

    The press preview for this is happening in Spain at the moment. I estimate the average “spend” for the press trip to be:

    Airfare: $2300 (coach) to $5100 (business class)
    Hotel: $2100 approx.
    Meals: $600+

    That’s a benefit to each print-mag reviewer of approximately five to nine grand, and that is BEFORE they are given the keys to a $100,000 car and set free to screw around in a foreign country.

    Don’t look for any negative reviews to come out of the “first drive”.

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      dvp cars

      …in the unlikely event of my getting an invite, and dropping that kind of dosh on me, I must confess I’d probably fall in line and write a glowing (non)critique. However (not that I’m petty or anything), I might sneak in a hint of nasty innuendo if they cheaped out and crammed me on some coach flight….more than a hint if they red-eyed me!) On the other hand, they could easily smooth things over by letting me double up on that meal (read “bar”) tab.

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      I’ve only attended local press events so it’s usually lunch and press-kit crap like pens and umbrellas… ;)(i occasionally write for a web publication in a small European country.)

      Top Gear has released their review and overall it’s positive(of course), but they did have some complaints about the steering feel, brakes, understated looks and engine noise, and wrote that “this is an M5 that’s aimed primarily at businessmen who like driving, rather than drivers who do the business, if you see what I mean.”

      I hope it feels a lot faster than the latest 550i which is fast but not really involving in any way. I’m sure the lack of 4wd in the M5 helps some, or as TG put it “lacks the fire and brimstone delivery of the last-gen M5”

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      From yesterday:


      Dear M Enthusiast,

      We are happy to invite you to experience the new BMW M5, the perfect combination of a luxury limousine and a high performance sports car, at an exclusive event in Spain hosted by the BMW Performance Driving School.

      Become acquainted with this new powerhouse at the BMW M Power Experience 2011. At a gala dinner at the 5-Star Hotel Waldorf Astoria in Seville we will present the new BMW M5 and reveal exclusive details about the development and technology of this extravagant automobile.

      The following day, driving participants will be transported by helicopter to the private race track at the Ascari Race Resort. You will experience the awesome performance of the new BMW M5 and other BMW M automobiles on this highly acclaimed private race track. During a Scenic Drive through the beautiful Andalucian countryside you will also have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the comfort and luxury of the new BMW M5.

      BMW M Power Experience Spain: October 21-22, 2011

      The price for our driving participants: $2200

      For accompanying non-driving participants: $1400

      This event is being hosted by the BMW Performance Center and will be attended by representatives from the BMW Performance Driving School.

      To register please call the BMW Performance Center reservation desk at 888-blacked-out.

      Best regards,
      Name redacted
      BMW Performance Driving School

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        dvp cars

        ….good thing you redacted that thingy’s name. I’m pretty sure that he or she made an Andalusian Delusion, aka spelling mistake. Immediate superiors and host locals will not be amused.

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      Count on the $5100 — BMW flies its media guests in business class.

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      The business class price sounds reasonable but your coach estimate is way off.

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      Jack, I look forward to David Booth’s review on M5.

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      You’ll be pleased to see they have 4 piston fixed calipers.

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      Might not be negative but not over the top positive…

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      I respect this blog’s attitude toward the old guard car magazine’s bedfellow relationship with manufacturers. Most of all, I like the intelligent work TTAC does to keep everyone honest (Jalopnik sure as hell isn’t doing much of that).

      But, until TTAC does instrumented tests on all your reviews, we (and you) are still reliant on the major car magazines. Anyone who wants what little objective analysis one can pull from a 2000 word review will still look to the majors for test numbers.

      The big car magazines do a lot of things wrong, but they still provide more comparative data than anyone else, so they have their place (and I’ll keep my subscriptions). And dealing with the subjective, until I run into Jack at a PCA/CCA track day and get to ride along with him, I won’t really know how he drives, besides quickly.

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    Wow, a lot of stats in that 47 page brochure. I am most impressed by the 992 units of measure from the seat to the roof!

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    I know they were busy with such vital (eyes rolling) functions as Facebook & Twitter, but were they able to squeeze in a little time to produce a reliable HP fuel pump?

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      Is it just me, or is it a little odd that integral Facebook and Twitter are features of a 560bhp, 4.4 seconds-to-100 km/h vehicle? Is someone who would spend that much time on Facebook the right demographic for such a car?

      BMW: The Ultimate Status Updating Machine.

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        Is someone who would spend that much time on Facebook the right demographic for such a car?

        There is some thought that Facebook and Twitter will supplant e-mail and txt messaging. So, maybe they want to be ahead of the curve. As an example in the future it might be more common to tell your wife you’ll be late via facebook than via e-mail, txt or a call. Car makers sometimes have an issue with keeping up with these technological changes* That said – wouldn’t you just use your iPhone or Droid?

        * See Lexus and it’s just recent abandonment of the tape deck.

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        Of course, because a BMW owner would certainly want his status update to have the “by Facebook for BMW” or something similar tagged onto his post.

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        Sent from my M5

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        @meefer: Excellent point.

        I’m largely bored with Facebook and suspicious of walled gardens in general, which probably explains my attitude, but that’s another forum. ;)

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        Agreed. That was my 1st thought. FB and Twitter are ridiculous enough as business tools, using any software is dangerous while driving, but in a 4.4s car? All I’d want is a car, not an infotainment center on wheels!

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    The S63 gives up a lot of revs to the S85 and the S65. Combine that with the overall softer driving experience of the F10, and I wonder if this means the new M5 is going to be more of a “GT”-style car than in years past.

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    Just what is “speed limit info”? Does it scan the signs as you’re driving and then chastise you if you disobey?

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      If it notices that you are obeying the speed limits, it drives you back to the BMW dealer so you can trade in for a 528i.

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      VA Terrapin

      If the M5’s “speed limit info” feature is anything like the one on my VW GTI, you program a speed on the MFD (multifunction display) that causes a warning to chime when you exceed it.

      Of course, I don’t know if this is what the M5 “speed limit info” feature is, but I hope it’s not like the GPS activated speed limiter used in the JDM GT-R.

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      TomTom portable GPS units let you know what speed limit is in force on the road you are driving on and you can program them to make noise when you go faster than limit, I suppose it’s the same with BMWs built in navigation. Data of course changes and my TomTom is wrong quite frequently about limits.

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        So…….this might be one of the reasons I’ve been noticing over the last few years a general, slow decline of cars actually traveling the speed limit on secondary roads. It used to be that most drivers drove anywhere from 2-5 mph over the limit on 35-45 mph roads, now it seems I’m always stuck behind someone going 1-3 mph under the limit. Very frustrating……..

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    apps for receiving web radio

    You mean like Pandora? If that’s the case, I’m 100% in favor of such a system.

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    I wonder if BMW is again fitting runflat tires to a car that deserves better? The last ‘M’ series car I drove was a late-model M6, and it seemed to me that the tires just about ruined it over sharp bumps, potholes, etc.

    As for the ‘First Drives’, yeah, what a load of useless puff. Especially at R&T, where it seems more or less a free one page advert from the magazine that sumarises the PR and all of the tech stuff.

    I usually play a game when I read them and see if there is actually any evidence the author actually drove the car: mention of steering feel, ride quality or any of those details that actually matter.

    Typically I can only find one or two sentences that suggest an actual ‘drive’ by the author. And that, after a huge trip and all the expenses and effort involved in just getting there. What a ridiculous age we live in.

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      Evan, the M6 doesn’t come with runflat tires. No M models do. So I’m not saying you went into your experience with the M6 with preconceived notions (“I didn’t think I’d like the M6 and sure enough I was right and here’s why…”), but you’re going to have to decide on different reasons to not like it. Because runflat tires can’t be one of them.

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    From what I have seen the new M5 is getting great reviews from “non shills” as well. Especially the hydraulic steering, as opposed to the electric steering on the regular 5.

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    Evan, the M6 doesn’t come with runflat tires. No M models do. So I’m not saying you went into your experience with the M6 with preconceived notions (“I didn’t think I’d like the M6 and sure enough I was right and here’s why…”), but you’re going to have to decide on different reasons to not like it. Because runflat tires can’t be one of them.

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    I’ll prefer to see 535d on this side of the pond.

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    Wait! Does it no longer offer manual transmission?

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    0-60 in 4.4 seconds…. so in other words they are still playing catch up to the CTS-V. Now lets see some ‘ring times so we can proceed with the bench racing.

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