The 25 Best-Selling Vehicles Through July

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Honda, long a fixture in the upper reaches of rolling YTD sales charts, has been well and properly knocked off its pedestal by now, with its best-seller, the Accord, just barely making it into the top ten at number nine. Civic came in at 11th, while CR-V was 14th. And Honda’s not the only long-reigning volume champ that’son its way down: compared to last year, Toyota’s Corolla and Camry have shed about eight percent of their volume, and right below them the Altima and Fusion are both growing at around 17.5%. By the end of this month, Toyota could easily have only one vehicle in the top five (and could even be knocked out altogether), Honda could be completely out of the top ten, and Ford, Chevy and Nissan could be dominating the upper reaches of our YTD chart. Ch-ch-ch-changes…

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  • Jaje Jaje on Aug 09, 2011

    Hopefully someone from Honda reads the message boards. Lesson learned - mediocre products with awful styling does not sell. I wonder when people will start getting fired / forced retirement in the Executive ranks as Honda has been doing a terrible job the last 10 years. Can we get a passionate, brilliant Engineer who still has is not blind to run this company again and crack the whip?

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    • Jaje Jaje on Aug 09, 2011

      I think we also have to realize that Honda was caught out by the tsunami worse than Toyota or Nissan supposedly. Recent reports noted that Honda thought they'd weather storm but some microchips were backlogged significantly at a plant in Japan that it literally sapped Honda's production capabilities. I find it surprising since Honda typically has a very good view and flexibility in their production chain but were caught out by this and even stated they would weather the storm better than their home country rivals.

  • Stuntmonkey Stuntmonkey on Aug 09, 2011

    > Can we get a passionate, brilliant Engineer who still has is not blind to run this company again and crack the whip? Certainly part of the Honda mythology, like the group of engineers that kept working on the v-12 F-1 car after they pulled out in the 90's. But Soichiro also had a philosophy of "letting the engineers work in the attic, but giving them a ladder to come down with"... in other words, it all comes back to sales.

  • CT_Jake CT_Jake on Aug 09, 2011

    Not really a comment but a request. Old codgers like me have trouble reading black lettering against a red background. Would you consider changing the letters to white or the background to a lighter color and/or shade? Much appreciated. Jake

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    • Steven02 Steven02 on Aug 10, 2011

      @jj99 Been to a rental lot recently and noticed all the Toyotas hanging around there?

  • Advo Advo on Aug 09, 2011

    Will the new Passat reach the sales levels of the Jetta and take a bite out of the midsized sedan numbers? I actually want to see the lower volume numbers since I'm really curious about how well the overpriced Lexus CT200h is doing (saw a dark gray one on the street the other day, and it looks decent: more like one of those tricked-out, Japanese tuner cars, although not as extreme).