Mercedes For The Masses, Or Fine Young Cannibal?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

The US won’t be receiving the hatchback version of the forthcoming, front-drive Mercedes A-series, but we will be getting this “CLC” four-door coupe based on the same platform. But, if American owners can’t tell the difference between front- and rear-drive, will this CLC cannibalize the C-Class? According to AutoBild, it will be only 2cm shorter than the C-Class sedan, and its wheelbase is only 6cm shorter. In Europe, they say the CLC will be bought by 45-50 year-olds with two kids and enough money to spend €5k more than the average A-Class buyer. But in the US, where this will form the Mercedes entry level, and where shoppers tend to be more value-oriented, couldn’t you see a cheaper, front-drive/AWD CLS lookalike stealing sales from the rather subdued C-Class?

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Cheapthrills Cheapthrills on Aug 11, 2011

    It's sad that they're calling it the CLC, and getting rid of the current CLC class that Europe gets to enjoy: I find it amazing how modern that update looks, considering all the sheetmetal is still W203. I've grown to love the compact/coupe-hatch format, and I wish there were more options in the US.

  • Threeer Threeer on Aug 11, 2011

    Hard to's it working for BMW to have the 1 and 3 series here? I guess the price of the new CLC would have to be noticeably lower than the C-class (and content/features lower, as well) in order to save the C-class from being sniped.

  • Advance_92 Advance_92 on Aug 11, 2011

    The C class can't be had with a manual transmission in the US any more, right? Any idea what the plans are with this car? Would it have smaller motors and maybe a diesel as well? The C class sold here is so disturbingly limited in choice of engines and transmissions this new car could make it completely irrelevant (if the 3 series doesn't already do that).

  • Jellodyne Jellodyne on Aug 12, 2011

    They need a 4 door coupe version of their body on frame SUV. They can call it the GLC.