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To be perfectly honest, we don’t know if the forthcoming Opel Astra CC (shown here in mule form) will be brought to the US and sold as a Buick, but it’s certainly been rumored. C&D says that, in addition to an Astra/Verano coupe, which it says will “definitely” be coming to the US,

Buick’s lineup could be graced with another Opel model that is currently under development. Replacing the folding-hardtop Astra Twin Top in Europe will be a new model that won’t be badged Astra, but will be based on the car’s Delta platform and remain close to the current model’s dimensions. The new convertible will keep its pronounced trunk and shed its clumsy hardtop in favor of a softtop, which should increase luggage space and make for a far cleaner look. Opel believes the softtop will create a more premium image.

The last Buick convertible? The 1990-91 Reatta convertible. But Buick’s probably hoping that nobody remembers those bad old days…

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8 Comments on “Is This Buick’s Open-Top Future?...”

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    Hating on the Reatta is not cool Ed.

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      I always thought the Reatta would had been better off as a mid-engined “sports cruiser”, sort of like a softer, gentler Fiero for the aging upper-level execs of wood pulp companies, regional banks and auto dealerships.

      Instead, it ended up front-engined, front wheel-driven and front-heavy.

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        M 1

        You aren’t far off the mark, John. I knew a Buick corporate-office-type to whom I once remarked that I really loved the looks of the Reatta. I had considered buying one when I was about 20, but was disappointed to discover how awful the underpinnings were. It was a big mushy boat with awful brakes and a terrible engine, and FWD, wrapped in probably one of the best-looking bodies in the US for five years in either direction. Plus it had that nifty “high tech” touch screen. I was sorely disappointed.

        Voicing that opinion led to a tale of epic GM conference-room battles over that very topic. Apparently Buick’s original plan, backed by a lot of the same guys responsible for the oddly-legendary Grand Nationals, was something more akin to what Caddy eventually did with the XLR.

        I’ve occasionally thought about finding a good-condition Reatta and trying to massage the body on to the frame of something else… but I have this distressing lack of spare time these days.

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    The new Astra coupe looks pretty sweet.

    I like it a lot…Except for a pet peeve; the bulbous front overhang that is an unfortunate result of FWD in combination with pedestrian safety laws, but every FWD hatch has that now so can’t blame ‘m too much.

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    IS that the granny spec seems horribly slow

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    They should name it the Reatta. You can’t go a summer day in Southeast Michigan without seeing one or two. Buick should be honest: It’s got regional boosters. The Reatta was more show than go – a boulevard cruiser with a soft top would fit its image, and they don’t need to name everything starting with an “L”. If they made a two seat version, that would be the ne plus ultra in summer evening cruising in the post-Western century.

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    A Buick ‘vert is a good idea, the Chrysler has sold a reasonable amount of Sebrings, and I think Buick could steal a fair amount of those sales with a reasonable product at a reasonable price point. It doesn’t have to be a hot rod, just a good boulevard cruiser.

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