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But… shouldn’t it be? Oh, Ford. You come up with something sexy and desirable, and you can’t help but slap a blue oval on it, can you? Ford Design Boss J Mays explains the choice, saying

We wanted the Ford Evos Concept to give a clear message about where Ford design is heading – shaping vehicles that are fun to drive, have a strong premium visual appeal, and above all, are stunningly beautiful. Our exciting new design DNA has been developed and refined by an intensive effort by all of our talented global design team. As a team, we wanted to create a more technical design vocabulary to help communicate the smart technology that is now core to the Ford brand. In addition, we worked particularly hard on meeting the high-expectations of a new generation of buyers – a group of consumers who have grown up surrounded by beautiful, premium design work on even the most affordable products.

Which leaves Lincoln… where?

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40 Comments on “Ford EVOS Concept: Definitely Not A Lincoln...”

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    If they do this for Ford, they will have something better for Lincoln right?

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    As crazy as it sounds this looks to me like a direct preview of the next Fusion/Mondeo. The proportions are actually pretty cab-forward and it almost looks too tall, or rather not long enough…like a squashed midsize sedan. The latest Fusion prototypes running around also appear to have a grille very similar to this and some slim-looking headlamps as well.

    Slightly odd proportions aside, this concept looks excellent and, if I’m right, bodes well for the next Fusion.

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      I think you’re on to something there…

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      Greenhouse is too short, is the problem.

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        Looks like an Aston raped a Fiesta.

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        I know some people are going to hate me for this, but is it really necessary to use such violent language and imagery for something like this?

        Why not say ‘offspring’ or ‘love child’ (if you’re in a ‘hippie’ kind of mood) or, since you don’t seem to like it (at least I hope you don’t based on the imagery evoked), why not say ‘spawn’ or some other such thing? Just a thought.

        Okay, everyone can go ahead and flame me now…

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        I don’t think it’s just the greenhouse.

        It’s also the 22″ wheels that must(?) be accommodated.

        And the super-tall hoodline to make the hood softer for the heads of the unwary or unfortunate. (And to fit the tall packaging requirements of a transversely-mounted, quad-cam V6.)

        The overall impression is that the upper 60% of the car looks like an Aston Martin. Proper proportions, sleek lines. But, unfortunately, there is another 40% left to deal with before you get to the ground.

        You can achieve pretty much the same effect with a crane. Just drop a DB7 on top of another DB7.

        I think the interior looks absurd and incomprehensible. With a hint of smugness thrown in, in the form of blue eco-flowers behind the instruments.

        I like the quad-gullwing doors. Now those are cool. Unfortunately, I don’t see much chance of those being mass-produced.

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      Does anyone know when the new Fusion is due to break cover. I had read that it would be a 2013 model, so late 2012 was my thought. Any others?

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      I’m thinking next Mustang, personally. Assuming that retro will be played out soon enough, this is a good continuation of the general style.

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    2015 50th anniversary Mustang?

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    That EvOS badging has to be one of the most annoying badge job ever. I know they were just trying to be artsy-fartsy with the “v” making it look like a pulse but it would look so much better with all the letters in the same position.

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    The next Mustang could be hiding in there.

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      My initial reaction as well.

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      Disagree. I would bet that the next Mustang’s styling has as much to do with this design language as the current Mustang’s does with the existing corporate look, i.e. not very much. It’ll look like a more futuristic Mustang.

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        I don’t think it would take much to turn thus into a Mustang – that snout looks to me very much like a futuristic Mustang nose. Beyond that, some more length in the front to get some proper long hood/short deck proportions going. Some angles look very pony car to my eyes.

        The current generations of Mustangs are an aberration – the II, Fox, Probe and both iterations of SN95 were all modern contemporary sheet metal in pony proportions and (other than the subverted Probe) stuffed with traditional Mustang themes and cues. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the new Mustang expressed in a modern design language – retro in the direct literal copy sense is a dead end and a sharp modern Mustang would make the Challenger and anime Camaro caricature immediately dated. They’re fun for now but eventually people will get tired of buying ’67 pony car clones over and over.

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      I see more of a Probe or Capri than a Mustang. I don’t really think we’re going to see the return of either name, but fill the same shoes as those cars did as the mustang’s little brother. If this turns into a production car, im betting it’ll be a 4 or 6 cylinder RWD fastback. That would either put it in the same category as the Nissan Z, or a step below that where I believe the Toyota FT-86 will end up.

      If it goes the way of the latter, we could see a resurgence of the low-end sports coupe market. The only thing in that segment here at the moment is The MX5; the Solstice is dead and I cant imagine we’ll ever see a 4th gen Eclipse. The closest thing outside that is the SRT4, Focus and GTi, which are all full blown hatchbacks.

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    It leaves Lincoln with an equally excellent but completely different new design language that will debut… um, any minute now. Right?

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    I might be in the minority but all this concept evokes for me is a new Probe for the 21st century… with a really big mouth.

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    We wanted the Ford Evos Concept to give a clear message about where Ford design is heading

    That makes it sound like a generalized styling exercise. I would guess that some homogenized versions of the design cues, such as the front grille, could end up across various cars. There wouldn’t necessarily be any one car that resembles this.

    I don’t see what this has to do with Lincoln. It sounds as if Lincoln is going to have to either prove itself or disappear, and they’re starting from behind.

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    Looks vaguely Aston-ish.

    In other words it looks great :D

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      I thought there was some Aston/Jag XKR in there, too.

      Though, to be honest (and I swear I’d never write a comment like this) there’s more than a little Accord Coupe in the C-pillar.

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    Agreed – good Aston Martin DNA there. Love it!

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    bumpy ii

    The car in the vidcap up top looks just like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe refresh. Ford’s design team probably cried themselves to sleep the night those spy pics came out.

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      I’m not sure Ford’s worrying too much about a facelift of a car that sells at a fraction of the Mustang’s volume.

      I don’t really see the resemblance either; the large grille is vaguely similar though the Evos’ is smaller and more tasteful, IMO.

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    Robert Schwartz

    Another car for dwarfs.

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    Dave M.

    I’m thinking next Mustang, personally.

    I hope (more realistic proportions perhaps…). That front quarter shot is gorgeous. Maybe because the little teaser is in my favorite color…

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    Those taillights look to be an evolution of the ZX2s. This could be a preview of a Focus coupe using the front end of the Electric model.

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    Ford waits for 3 years after they sell Aston, to start using the designs. I wonder if Aston is ok with this? It is nice though…

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    I’m still hoping for an MKR

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    This would make a nice little Ford Capri, wouldn’t it?

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    I agree this looks vaguely Aston-Martin-ish.

    For’ds relentless move upscale is what killing Lincolns IMHO. They’re selling pretty expensive and nice Fords these days, lacking nothing vs their Lincoln brethen. Yet Ford can’t move Lincolns upscale enough to distance it from Ford. Ford’s move upscale has already killed Mercury, yet it continues unabated. Will it someday killed Lincolns too? Of course this Ford is conceived by Ford Europe, which does not have to worry about Mercury or Lincolns. Still, it does not bode well for Lincolns, unless this thing will be badged Lincolns when it arrived in the States someday.

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    What’s the matter with you people?

    This is the new Thunderbird!

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    Ed…be patient.

    Thi is a concept and a small one at that.
    The BIG work with Lincoln is with LARGE bodies.

    Unlike many, I am not impressed with the fastback look that is coming from BMW and Audi on their large cars.
    Or Porsche as well.
    I find them stretching the look into a car that not only is impossible to see out the rear, they also decide you only have 3 friends, not four.
    Like a few have said above, this would work as a future Mustang, but NOT MKS.

    I am feeling good about the attention being given to Linciln these days and think only better cars will come.

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    It looks like the Mazda Shinari concept.

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