Edmunds Sees Nissan Charging Ahead, Detroit Falling Behind In August

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Nissan’s “we have cars” ad may not meet with the approval of TTAC’s commenters, but it appears to be having some kind of effect. According to mid-month analysis by the A+ rated experts at Edmunds Autoobserver, Nissan’s looking at the strongest retail sales growth in the industry this month, building on last month’s already-strong performance.

Though Toyota and Honda seem to be turning the corner on their supply issues, they’re doing so slowly… and Detroit seems powerless to capitalize on the opportunity. With the Detroit firms projected to lose between one and six percent of their July retail volume, the window for an assault on Toyota and Honda seems to be closing. Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan appear to be picking up the momentum now, suggesting that the rest of this year could continue to see some broad, multi-manufacturer competition. On the other hand, there could be room for everyone to grow in this market as Edmunds’ Jeremy Anwyl notes:

the odds of an upward sales bump in September and October seem to be increasing.

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  • Mike978 Mike978 on Aug 18, 2011

    What are sales like in the second half of August vs the first half? Comparable to each other or is there a lift as people come back from vacation? I will wait until the full August figures are available in 2 weeks time. I am surprised to see that Hyundai/Kia are also not capitalizing with just a 2% increase (half of VW's)

    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Aug 18, 2011

      It depends on region and locale. This is usually the time that the left-overs are served up and the people who need transportation, not a social statement, come out of the woodwork to get the lowest-priced deals of the model year. Everyone in the business hopes that they can move old stock during August/September but the successful execution of the sales strategy usually depends on the mood of the buying customers. Some years past were really, really good for moving old stock. It remains to be seen if this year the buying public thinks there are better days ahead and stick themselves in debt to scoop up the last remaining deals of the year. If the housing market is any indication, and the two usually go hand in hand, then the forecast is pretty gloomy, because mortgage loans and new-car loans are at incredibly low rates, and yet we're still not moving as much iron as we should at those rates. Nor are we moving as much housing as we should at those rates.

  • MrWhopee MrWhopee on Aug 18, 2011

    Amazing simply having cars to sell can do to your sales numbers!