Auction Monday: Shamu Edition

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
auction monday shamu edition

A 1991 Chevy Caprice in faded battleship grey went for $3000 at last week’s sale. It had only 37k miles. But none of the bells and whistles that would make such an old timer truly desirable. Now the 1996 Chevy Caprice with 71k and leather was a completely different story. Garage kept. No paint fade. All the bells and whistles in good working order. I was expecting around $5000 for this ancient beast.

It went for $5100. Truth be told this was the first auction with relatively decent prices in a long time. The 4th of July makes at least some of the dealers go away which was more than OK with me. I got four cars today. None of which were anything special.

What was? Apparently a 5 year old base Grand Prix in GM tan and only 61k was the crack pipe deal of the day. $7950.

Other notable buys included a 2005 BMW 645 Convertible with 76k for $18,400 (repo but clean)

A 2008 Jeep Patriot Limited in Black for $9050.

And my favorite a 1992 Corvette with only 66k (but sadly no picture). Automatic, Good Leather and absolutely pristine.

Today’s TTAC prize of the rare Victor Sheymov spy novel ‘Tower of Secrets’ will go to the first person to guess the selling price within $100. A great book worth the read. This offer is good until 800 P.M. today. No purchase necessary. Batteries not included. All sales final.

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  • Dave-the-rave Dave-the-rave on Jul 05, 2011

    "Neon beige?!?" That's rich.

  • Tanooki2003 Tanooki2003 on Jul 05, 2011

    $3000 for a Caprice classic??? That's way too much. They should at the most go for $750 with the leather in tact.

    • Beefmalone Beefmalone on Jul 07, 2011

      Find me 100 of them and I'll buy them all plus pay you a commission. They're gold. Watched two SS models sell at SALVAGE auctions in the last two weeks. One wrecked hard in the rear went for $5500. Other one was just a pig and had flood damage. Didn't run and went for $2800.

  • Tom Kenney Wondering the same. It's getting late for 2024....I should scoop up a 2023 3.3t now.
  • Ja-GTI My father bought one of these new in '75, when I was an inquisitive lad of six with a younger sister of four. I showed her how to open the rear hatch, and then I noticed a convenient pull-down handle on the bottom of the rear parcel shelf. I couldn't reach it from the ground, so I climbed in the back, pulled on the handle, and quite suddenly shut the hatch on top of me. The four year-old sister couldn't follow my frantic instruction on how to open the hatch - she eventually left to go to our neighbor's house to "get some cookies", and I spent the next several hours having a very bad time.Finally, the older nine year-old sister came home from school and was showing the new car to a friend when she heard me yelling and freed me from my VW prison. Thankfully, I overcame my childhood PTSD and ended up owning an '07 GTI for fourteen years - which gave me another type of PTSD. And my VW circle of life is now complete. Well, except for the '15 Jetta TDI manual I bought for my son...
  • Inside Looking Out In America non-violent crime is legalized in 2020 but in England not. That guy in America would be considered as the pillar of society. Wild west you know,
  • El scotto Having really bad SATO flashbacks. Someone from Alamo would stop by the SATO office and stuff some display rack with 10$ off at Alamo! coupons. Off on another mission for Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life! Well OK, I was off to talk to some tech reps. Riding the shuttle bus to Alamo I inwardly prayed please, oh please may there be a Neon and not a damn Sebring! Neons were by and far one of the best cheap rental cars.
  • Inside Looking Out Another reason to switch to Tesla. And do not forget that there are two Fords. Ford Blue will die with UAW and ecoboost and Ford E will live on.