US Auto Sales In April: Bigger Sales, Smaller Cars

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
us auto sales in april bigger sales smaller cars

It might still be a bit early to put a sub-head on this month’s sales, but if GM can serve as Bertel’s China car sales oracle, perhaps they’ll indicate the US market as well. And if they do, we’ll be seeing strong year-over-year sales increases, with much of the new volume coming from compact cars, while large trucks sit flat. If GM doesn’t indicate the market well this month, then we’ll be sure to update our headline when we update the developing sales table which you can find just after the jump.

AutomakerApril 2011April 2010Pct. chng.4 month

20114 month

2010Pct. chng.BMW Group25,29121,15320%90,38076,33018% BMW division18,80117,2689%71,41763,59112% Mini6,4463,84368%18,78712,57149% Rolls-Royce44425%1761685%BMW Group25,29121,15320%90,38076,33018%Chrysler Group LLC117,22595,70323%404,175329,91823% Chrysler Division20,37922,386–9%63,17569,534–9% Dodge44,32038,79514%146,297121,22921% Dodge/Ram63,58053,67219%222,381177,29225% Fiat882––%1,382––% Jeep32,38419,64565%117,23783,09241% Ram19,26014,87730%76,08456,06336%Chrysler Group LLC117,22595,70323%404,175329,91823%Daimler AG**19,62918,9164%76,90670,9009% Maybach550%202313% Mercedes-Benz19,15718,2315%75,15268,8009% Smart USA467680–31%1,7342,077–17%Daimler AG19,62918,9164%76,90670,9009%Ford Motor Co.189,284167,28313%684,792608,99112% Ford division182,048146,33024%657,301528,19824% Ford/Lincoln/Mercury189,284162,73716%684,792590,43916% Lincoln7,2367,279–1%27,24329,689–8% Mercury–9,128–100%24832,552–99% Volvo–4,546–100%–18,552–100%Ford Motor Co.189,284167,28313%684,792608,99112%General Motors****232,538183,61427%825,083659,47525% Buick18,41312,18151%63,15244,31743% Cadillac13,12711,31716%53,63940,66932% Chevrolet169,794135,17326%586,299472,95824% GMC31,20424,03730%121,99392,65632% Hummer–481–100%–1,336–100% Pontiac–52–100%–634–100% Saab–––%–608–100% Saturn–373–100%–6,297–100%General Motors232,538183,61427%825,083659,47525%Honda (American)124,799113,69710%432,777370,10917% Acura11,60410,7198%42,97238,51212% Honda Division113,195102,97810%389,805331,59718%Honda (American)124,799113,69710%432,777370,10917%Hyundai Group108,82874,05947%356,222262,26436% Hyundai division61,75444,02340%204,374155,53231% Kia47,07430,03657%151,848106,73242%Hyundai Group108,82874,05947%356,222262,26436%Jaguar Land Rover4,2313,64516%14,99912,73618% Jaguar1,24989639%3,7503,27115% Land Rover2,9822,7499%11,2499,46519%Jaguar Land Rover4,2313,64516%14,99912,73618%Maserati22918623%70258021%Maserati22918623%70258021%Mazda20,63818,9359%85,19774,87614%Mazda20,63818,9359%85,19774,87614%Mitsubishi8,0813,932106%28,24817,55561%Mitsubishi8,0813,932106%28,24817,55561%Nissan†††71,52663,76912%356,884291,99822% Infiniti6,7617,211–6%34,59730,90512% Nissan Division64,76556,55815%322,287261,09323%Nissan71,52663,76912%356,884291,99822%Porsche3,1721,74782%10,1796,96946%Porsche3,1721,74782%10,1796,96946%Saab Cars North America696215224%2,765346699%Saab Cars North America696215224%2,765346699%Subaru24,76223,1987%92,21980,69214%Subaru24,76223,1987%92,21980,69214%Suzuki2,1321,9509%8,8347,61116%Suzuki2,1321,9509%8,8347,61116%Toyota159,540157,4391%593,464543,1259% Lexus17,57618,359-4%64,93267,882–4% Scion5,7103,57760%18,46913,15040% Toyota division136,254135,5031%510,063462,09310% Toyota/Scion141,964139,0802%528,532475,24311%Toyota159,540157,4391%593,464543,1259%Volkswagen38,67932,58119%131,421112,49017% Audi10,0189,3198%35,40130,63416% Bentley119127–6%4394380% VW division28,54223,13523%95,58181,41817%Volkswagen38,67932,58119%131,421112,49017%Volvo Cars North America6,404––%21,844––%Volvo Cars North America6,404––%21,844––%Other (estimate)2442411%9769631%TOTAL1,157,928982,26318%4,218,0673,527,92820%

Table Courtesy: Automotive News [sub]

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  • Ajla From what I can see in the NHTSA data nontire part failures make up about .5% of reported crashes and aren't listed as a cause in the fatal accident reports. While we've all seen hoopties rolling around I'm guessing they don't go far or fast enough for many negative outcomes to occur from their operation.While I wouldn't want to be in that .5% I'd also want to avoid a "Bear Patrol" situation. When it comes to road safety nontire part failures are more like animal attacks while aggressive or impaired driving are heart disease and cancer.
  • Art Vandelay On the right spec truck, that is a screaming bargain for the price. And you can buy it safe knowing that as it is a Ford you'll never have your vehicle's good name sullied by seeing EBFlex and Tassos puffing each other's peters in one...a nice bonus to the horsepower!
  • Art Vandelay Too small for Tassos and EBFlex to puff each other's peters in.
  • Spookiness I can see revising requirements for newer vehicles, like 3 years, but not for older. I live in a state with safety inspections next to a state without, within a common metro-area commute "shed." Besides the fact that the non-inspection state has a lot of criminals to begin with, they're poorer, less educated, have a lot of paper-tag shady dealers, very lax law enforcement of any kind, and not much of a culture of car maintenance. It's all of their janky hoopties dead or burning on the side of the road every mile that farks up the commute for the rest of us. Having a car inspected just once a year is a minimal price of civilization, and at least is some basic defense against some of the brake-less, rusted-out heaps that show up on YouTubes "Just Rolled In."
  • Pippin Republicans Senators - "We refuse to support your nomination because you don't have a background in traffic safety! That's the priority!"Biden nominates someone with a background in traffic safetyRepublican Senators - "This new nominee is totally unacceptable! They're in favor of new regulations to improve traffic safety! We need big government out of (men's) lives!"