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Would you buy a Buick Park Avenue Davos World Economic Forum 2011 Special Edition?  No? GM China thinks the Chinese will disagree with you and will snap up the “Buick Park Avenue 2011 Boao Forum for Asia Special Edition.” What is a Boao Forum? Glad I asked. As CarNewsChina tells us, “the Boao Forum is an economic conference comparable to the famous Davos Forum but focused on Asia.” And now it gets complicated:

The 2011 Boao Forum will be held on 11 and 12 July in Perth, Australia. The official car for the Boao Forum is the Australian made Holden Statesman. The Made-in-China Buick Park Avenue is based on the Holden Caprice Statesman, which is a good enough reason for a Chinese special edition.

The Boao Forum Special Edition comes with a plushy interior with DVD-screens that pop out of the roof and pick nick work tables for the rear passengers. Then there are the sought-after ‘Boao Forum for Asia’ badges on the c-pillar, on the door stills and on the head rests. The Boao Forum Special will set you back 388.000 yuan ($59,755), only a little more than the plain vanilla Park Avenue. So if you are not on the Boao Forum guest list, show your neighbors you care about the world economy, and buy the Buick.

PS: Today is China Day at TTAC. Two reasons: 1. Ed confessed that he’s “Mr China”. It must be contagious. He spends 5 days with me and trades his passport. 2. TTAC today breaks down more often than a bottle jack bought at Harbor Freight.



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9 Comments on “Introducing The Buick Park Avenue 2011 Boao Forum For Asia Special Edition...”

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    Based on a Holden… Does anyone know anything about this intriguing company, Holden? It seems that like Daewoo and Opel, they have their own ability to develop vehicles, which given their 22 million population home market seems somewhat outrageous.

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      Aside from the Cruse, Holden really only builds one car. They just offer it in many different variations.

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        Nah, you are thinking of the Commodore, which the above is not. The Commodore comes in regular and luxury trims (Calais), and comes in sedan, wagon and ute formats. The above is a Holden Caprice, a larger sedan-only model. Not related afaik.

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        The Caprice and Stateman are LWB versions of the zeta RWD platform used for the Holden Commodore, and all the other variants (at one time at least 20 variants, including a puffed up 4WD wagon called the Adventura) through today’s SportsWagon.

        Holden is the design overlord for RWD zeta in the GM empire outside of the US. The only exception I’m aware of today is the Chevy Camaro is based on the zeta platform, although built in the US.

        The last time they weren’t directly related was back in the 1970’s / early 1980’s when the Caprice / Stateman bore strong resemblance to US chassis / design cues than the last gen Kingswood / first gen Commodore of the day.

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    not based on, is one with Chinese addon’s. Mind you, a Statesman with the heated rear seats would be nice.

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    is Ed actually moving to china

    Then there are the sought-after ‘Boao Forum for Asia’ badges on the c-pillar,


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    In my ideal world, this would be federalized and share garage space with my Rendezvous Ultra, LaCrosse Super, Joseph Abboud Regal GS, Collector’s Edition Roadmaster (Estate & sedan), LeSabre Celebration Edition, a full line of T-Types from Skyhawk to Electra, and a host of other limited-run or rare production Buicks that absolutely no one else cares about but me…

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    I assume that the above information came from Shanghai GM, if so they should go to more effort to keep up with the model range of their Australian counterpart. Holden was selling its long-wheelbase sedan (on which the Park Avenue is based) as both the Statesman and Caprice up until last September, when the Statesmen name was discontinued. It is now sold only as the Holden Caprice (with adjusted trim levels and pricing to fill the gap left by the Statesman). It would seem strange for a obsolete model to be the ‘Official Car’ of a conference such as the Boao Forum!

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