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Saabsunited, once a gathering place for brand necrophiliacs and people with an-ignition-key-near-the-gearstick fetish, has morphed into a Vladmir Antonov fanzine. The banner on top of the site used to show the roof of the Saab plant in Trollhättan. Now it shows the roof of the Saab plant in Trollhättan with an “Approve Antonov” flag photoshopped-in.

There is a big blue square at the left of the homepage of Saabsunited that says “Support Vladimir Antonov” (according to Wikipedia, he is $ 300 million worth, how much more support does he need?) Clicking on the square leads you to a letter writing campaign that urges you in 9 languages to voice your displeasure with the Swedish government. You also are to DEMAND from the Swedish Prime Minister that he approves Antonov as a Saab shareholder. I’m sure a wave of Saab-spam will change the Prime Minister’s mind.

It is a mere coincidence that Saabsunited acronyms itself to ”SU,” an abbreviation previously reserved for the Soviet Union.

Recently, the tone on “SU” became shrill. Invectives were showered upon anybody who expressed the slightest doubt of Saab’s viability, or who dared to mention that Saab’s rescue hinged on a man who had been under suspicion of ties with organized crime, both by Sweden’s Säkerhetspolisen Säpo and its U.S. equivalent, the FBI.

And now, “Mr. Vladimir Antonov” (as he is reverentially referred to at SU) is calling the dogs back. In a letter to SU, Antonov writes:

“Vladimir Antonov, urge fans of Saab to act with awareness of pressure and sharp comments against the Swedish Government, as such activity does not contribute to the speedy and effective resolution of the situation.”

Oh, well, translation to English is tough sometimes, and this way, the Russian DNA is preserved. Antonov continues:

“We are thankful for the support, which is certainly needed, and are as many people around the world waiting for a positive resolution of all issues related to the details of the permission of ownership. However, we want to encourage you to behave correctly with respect to the Swedish Government in general and the people representing it.”

SU immediately behaved and asked its readers “to please refrain from harsh comments about the Swedish Government and individuals herein.”

Vladimir Antonov wrote another letter, to Sweden’s Industry Minister Maud Oloffson, in which Antonov requests an audience:

“It is imperative that I get the opportunity to discuss my motives, plans and the resources I have a meeting face-to-eye with you.”

In the same letter, Antonov throws his supporters under the bus. According to Sweden’s ttela, in the dispatch to the Minister, Antonov “expresses clearly that he wants to distance himself from everything that has been written about the Saab deal so far and his involvement in it.”

What does SU do? It dutifully writes about the letter from Antonov to the Minister, along with the part where Antonov distances himself from his sometimes rabid cheering section.

Lenin supposedly had an expression for people who see themselves as allies, but who are held in contempt by those who use them as long as they are useful.

Well, the cheerleading had been useful for at least one man. Writes The Local:

“In March, Saab announced that Australian blogger Steven Wade had been recruited to the company’s social media marketing team as reward for running the independent Saabs United blog from his Melbourne home.”

It is understandable that SU wants to keep Saab alive as long as possible.

PS: On March 15, Steven Wade said a long good-bye to Saabsunited, and Victor Muller wished “the new owner of Saabs United and his committed crew all the success in the world.” The problem is, there is no new owner. According to Whois, is still registered to:

Steven Wade
PO Box 102
Rosny Park, Tasmania 7018

According to this information, it is fair to say that Saabsunited is owned by an employee of Saab. What’s for sale is Wade’s canary-yellow 1999 Saab 9-3- MonteCarlo, Maptune chipped with only 148,000 km on the clock, yours for AUD 8,900.

PPS: Expect the registration to be changed forthwith. We took a picture, just in case. Expect to hear that Steven Wade just forgot to change the registration of the domain. It happens to the best of us. However, the domain registration of Saabsunited has been updated as recently as today: Sun, 22 May 2011 15:11:00 UTC. And after that update, Wade was still the owner.


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54 Comments on “Antonov Throws Saabsunited (Owned By Saab Employee) Under The Bus...”

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    A name surely awaiting a witty guffaw-inspiring comment upon a Web message board that I, Disgruntled, Old and of a Coot-like essence, am either uncapable or inwilling to concoct.

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    how much money does Saab lose every day? I mean they still have to pay rent, interest, overhead etc. Are the workers (that are at home due to lack of supplies) being paid? i imagine the 30 million they are waiting for is used up in a a week or two for nothing.

    a factory is not like a cabin that you shut down over the winter. you at least need security, insurance etc. Especially since you need to keep it at above “idle” hoping a truck with parts will arrive tomorrow and you plan to start cranking out cars immediately.

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    The sooner the Saab saga ends (as it will eventually) the sooner everyone over at that site can get on with their lives. Trolls indeed.

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    Hi all, It’s Swade here, the guy mentioned in the article.

    As you can see from my login name – Trollhattan Saab – my (often strained) association with TTAC pre-dates the existence of Saabs United, back to when I was running its predecessor, called Trollhattan Saab.

    I’m not sure what details about commenters or contacts were handed over when Farago left TTAC, but I’ve been in quite infrequent contact with various TTAC staffers for around four years now. If you search the archives, you’ll see that I’ve even contributed a couple of Saab-related stories published at TTAC. My email address is pretty well known amongst Saab fans and should be known by someone at this site.

    Moreover, at my new day job, at (there’s a big picture of me in the header so you’ll know you’re in the right place) there’s a link to a contact page and the mail generated from that form comes right to my inbox.

    Bottom line – I’m not difficult to find and I return my emails as quickly as possible.

    Being so contactable and reasonably well known in Saab circles, I’m left to wonder why Bertil didn’t contact me about the ownership status of Saabs United before adding this particular element of ‘scandal’ to this story. It would have been easy to do.

    As Bertil somewhat glibly suggests after firing his shots, the Whois listing is indeed an administrative oversight. I’m not a techy. I left the transfer of the data and the domain up to my IT contractor as part of the full transfer process to the new owners’ servers. The new owner is a guy named Tim Rokka and he’s been quite transparent about his ownership of the site as well (Bertil, did you try to contact Tim before writing your story?)

    I sold Saabs United for an agreed (and reasonably small) sum of money that is being paid to me from the site’s earnings. The agreement was made in the days after the Geneva Motor Show and ownership was transferred around March 15.

    I have no editorial input into or control over the site whatsoever. Tim has assembled a group of writers who help him out and publish material on the site. I think I’ve written one or two articles as a guest since the handover and left maybe 15 comments on the site in those two months.

    Bertil, if you’d like to include me in a story, please feel free to contact me for comment or context first.

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      There is nothing to contact. The domain info speaks for itself. When a domain is sold, that info is the first thing to be changed. If it is not, it is like the sale of a house without a closing. The claim of being no techie rings hollow. Steven Wade is listed as the registrant, the administrative contact, the billing contact and the technical contact. Someone who is oblivious to these matters would have his “IT contractor’ listed … at least as the technical contact.

      What’s more, DomainTools has [email protected] associated with 12 domains, and a “Steven Wade” with 66 domains. Swade is no naive novice.

      As for contacting a Tim Rokka: There is no Tim Rokka listed. As far as the domain registration is concerned, is owned, paid for, administered by, and technically serviced by Steven Wade. ‘

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        Brian E


        It’s common for the domain registration information to not be updated when a domain is transferred until the next renewal period. It’s usually an oversight and does not mean that the person listed on the contact is actually administering the site. Usually it just means that control of DNS has been handed over and that the next renewal will be made by the new owner, at which point the registration information will be updated.

        It’s rather absurd to assert without any other information that the person listed on a domain contact is actually involved in running the site that operates on the domain on a daily basis. In this case, Swade has provided an authoritative answer – he is not running the site anymore. Why continue to insist otherwise? Is the truth not important here anymore?

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        Who has the SaabsUnited account on Twitter? They list themselves as “Publisher of,” but they correspond with Tim Rokka. Odd. You’d think if they were one and the same, they’d have less to Twitter to themselves about.

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        It just seems so sad when bloggers pander and kick folks when they are down.

        I thought that’s what commenters were supposed to do!

        Saab’s in a tough spot

        It is fortunate that sensationalist headlines and half truths are usually seen for what they are.

        I am most surprised by my reaction to your drivel. I normally wouldn’t waste the effort to register to make a comment. I just find your this piece tipped my offensive scale enough to put enough clicks on your site to help your traffic numbers.

        I feel so used.

        There are enough bad actors that you ought to be exposing instead of making inferences aobut hard working men and women trying their best to save jobs and a brand that many love.

        Enjoy your muckraking.

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        Henrik B.


        Are you mentally retarded, or simply an utterly ignorant american?


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      The published domain information doesn’t necessarily indicate ownership. Whoever owns the account at the registrar the domain is registered under is the true owner. That name isn’t always the same as what’s in the registration information in the whois database.

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    At the start of your article I find it interesting that you point out that the website only is for people with an ignition-switch near the gear-selector. The SAAB 9000 did not have the ignition key there, and that is one of Saabs most celebrated cars!… ;)

    I also find it very interesting that the writer of this article have not tried to contact SaabsUnited or Steven Wade about this before writing the article to get the facts straight? I can assure you as the owner of SaabsUnited that we would not have started the approve-antonov campaign, without the blessing of the person in question.

    The only thing Mr Vladimir Antonov wanted to make sure by his letter to the readers of SaabsUntied was that no bad language or emotions were expressed in a way that could be considered inappropriate which we fully support!

    Regarding the support for Antonov, “how much more support does he need”, well in this matter every Saab fan that is trying to do something good for Saab deserves all the support we can give him! And in our case, money is not involved and money does not solve every problem! Sometimes compassion is a greater tool!

    Regarding the address of the registered DNS its just a mistake made by us, we had a lot of things to focus on during the hand-over and missed this detail. And as for the location of the server, you can check with your tech-people, the DNS and actual Word-Press server that you use do not have to be located on the same continent!

    In the future it would be nice if this respected auto-website would turn to real facts and actually do some real research before posting this kind miss-guided writings about a fellow auto-website! Our e-mail is listed on the website and with you being a regular visitor to SaabsUnited it should be pretty hard for you to miss ;)

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      Do you Twitter as SaabsUnited with ‘publisher of’ as your user informations? If so, why were you discussing pizza plans with Tim Rokka earlier today, if Tim Rokka owns

      • 0 avatar

        With all due respect, Who cares?

        Tweeted pizza plans? Come on. Let’s not get too carried away in our witch hunt of SaabsUnited.

        I’m amazed that a auto enthusiast site is bent on carrying out a personal attack on Saab and SaabsUnited. Really makes the writers and the site look like the school bully picking on the kid that’s a little different. The bully’s small circle of friends are ammused, but every one else just thinks it’s a cry for attention.

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        This argument is predicated on S. Wade saying he isn’t the current owner of SaabsUnited and that Tim Rokka is. Pretty strange for the current owner of SaabsUnited to be having conversations with Tim Rokka if we’re supposed to believe that they’re the same person. Attacks on Bertel Schmitt only make sense if he is wrong, and Tim Rokka not being SaabsUnited indicates that he is probably right. Who cares? You do, or you wouldn’t bother responding to my post. So does everyone else trying to convince themselves that Bertel isn’t reporting objectively about Saab stories.

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        Do you think someone involved in Saabsunited could be tweeting on behalf of SU to Tim? There are multiple contributors there and I’m sure it’s not impossible that one or more might have access to SaabsUnited twitter account.

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        I absolutely do not think that someone is tweeting on behalf of SaabsUnited to Tim Rokka while listing themself as the publisher of SaabsUnited. It makes no sense, were Tim the publisher of SaabsUnited. Why wouldn’t said person have their own Twitter account and why would Tim have two? Put down the shovel. Stop attacking the messenger. Imagine a third cliche describing your entrenched position of cognitive dissonance for the purpose of denying reality.

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      If you read the whole sentence — i.e, including the word IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the ones you quoted, you’ll find he talks about “people with an-ignition-key-near-the-gearstick FETISH” [My capitals — CRC], NOT people with an _actual_ ignition-key-near-the-gearstick. (And I bet most 9000 owners, at least nowadays, only grudgingly accept the 9000, DESPITE it not having the key there, not because of it…) The expression is quite obviously a humorous reference to (possibly over-)enthusiastic SAAB fans in general, not a statement about the placement of ignition keys.

      Condescension works better when applied in tandem with reading comprehension, mr Wade.

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    As a moderately long-time Saab enthusiast (bought my first at the age of 15, owned four over the last 15 years), the uncertainty of Saab’s DNA and future has been taxing, which has perhaps resulted in some missteps among fans. But, it now seems that bloggers on the outside are being similarly affected. The tone set by the opening sentence of this post is misleading at best and inflammatory at worst. (FULL DISCLOSURE: No one encouraged me to write this. I point this out because it seems some take concern when others use the Internet to organize.)

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    Bertel, thank you for informing me that I should not trust TTAC for its journalistic integrity. Your response to Swade is defensive at best, childish at worst. Do just a modicum of research on SU and you’ll find Tim Rokka all over it, domain info or otherwise. Tim used to work for Saab, but some time ago. It’s not that hard to uncover these details.

    This is an embarrassment for TTAC. Naive novice indeed.

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    Mr Antonov has been cleared of conections with organised crime. I think if your well being depended on Saab you would want him to invest money in Saab too.

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    Mr. Schmitt,

    I am a native Swede, and after reading the article in TTELA you refer to, I cannot find support for the main point in your article, that Vladimir Antonov is “throwing his supporters under the bus”. You make it sound like Antonov is being critical towards his “fans”, but he is rather criticizing the media.

    The correct translation is “Vladimir Antonov says that he wants to distance himself from everything that has been written about the Saab deal and his engagement in it – much of it is inaccurate or has been taken from its context”.

    Such as your article.

    Next time you want to base a blog entry on a minor article from a minor Swedish newspaper, don’t use Google translate.

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    The domain registration details have now been changed following a request from me as a result of your article. You can claim that as a win if you please, but it is really just a reflection of the reality that took place two months ago.

    Once the relevant databases have been updated, they will show the domain owner to be Tim Rokka, of Sweden, and the Administrative and Technical contacts to be Andrew Preece, of Australia.

    Before you go getting all investigative about these people, let me give you some background on them, which you can go ahead and check if you like.

    Tim is the new owner of the site. He lives and works from Sweden and hosts the site from a server located in Sweden that he owns.

    Andrew is the IT guy I used to host the site when I owned it. He runs which is an excellent hosting service, one that I used for around four of the six years I ran websites about Saab. I don’t know if Andrew will remain in those listed roles and I suspect not (that’s for Tim and Andrew to decide), but the fact that he is listed in them now is most likely a matter of convenience in getting the changes made quickly (he’s the one who made them and given the time zone differences between Oz (where it’s 8am as I write this) and Sweden (where it’s just gone midnight as I sit here in Trollhattan), it was most likely easiest for Andrew to put his own details in).

    There is no substantive ownership connection between Saab Automobile and Saabs United. The only connection is historic and the oversight that inferred a connection has now been corrected. If you could correct your headline and article to this effect, It’d be appreciated.

    Steven Wade

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    Proof that people who buy SAABs are quite deluded.

  • avatar

    SAABs are still made somewhere?

  • avatar

    Antonov throwing SU under the bus? All this seems like to me is another attempt by TTAC to throw SAAB under the bus.

  • avatar

    Bertel, you are not necessarily correct here. From my own experience, the domains that I registered would still have my contact info a long time after I decided not to renew them.

    • 0 avatar
      Rod Panhard

      WSN is correct. Even after changing jobs, my nom de server existed in the “whois” database for many months under previous employers’ registrations.

      With job turnover, the name on a whois registration only indicates that a particular person was involved, and not that he or she still is.

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    Swade and Saabsunited should serve as an example for all brands as responsible ambassadors.

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    Seems like Saturn and Pontiac will have good company soon. It does not matter who owns what. SAAB goes out of window period – and Tesla comes in. Professors will drive Tesla. I do not know where ignition key is in Tesla but Tesla is a more unusual vehicle than any SAAB ever dreamed to be and being electric is a natural choice for intelligentsia. BTW Tesla owners are considerably more shrewd and successful businessmen than Muller or whoever made decision to buy half decomposed corpse.

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    I suspect this has more to do with one of SU’s writers pointing out Bertil’s statement about his initials spelling BS, after BS’s comment about funds not being able to transfer as quickly to Saab from Pang Da was proven wrong (but never retracted). If it’s any consolation, it appears that writer apologized if he offended BS, but given that TTAC has been negative about Saab coverage for the past year, they’ll celebrate any negative news about Saab they can find no matter what.

    To recap, here’s what TTAC claimed-

    1. The Pang Da funds couldn’t be transferred as quickly as Victor Muller suggested. BS said it would take weeks, not days.

    FALSE: The money was transferred within 2 days.

    2. Antonov threw SU under the bus.

    FALSE: How do you interpret “we are thankful for your support, please be respectful in tone,” to “we don’t want anything to do with you?”

    3. SaabsUnited is owned by a Saab employee.

    FALSE: Tim Rokka owns it. A simple email to the email listed on the website ([email protected]) would have clarified this.

    Perhaps The Lies About Blogs would be a better name for the site?

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    Reading through this amusing thread I am reminded that any significantly advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

    I’ll leave it to the reader where that property can be found.

    • 0 avatar
      Tim OBrien

      respected journalists do their research prior to publishing to keep their reputations intact and mitigate legal issues.

      it’s a pity in this instance the writer has failed to make any contact with any of the parties that he has written about.

      I don’t get all the negativity on this site, if you love BMW you need not wish for Saab’s decline, simply love your BM.

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    George B

    So why all the passion on both sides. GM killed off Saab long ago, leaving nothing except the memories of it’s fan club and a lesson in badge engineering. There is nothing left to sell to Russian mobsters or Chinese car manufacturers. Let. It. Go.

    • 0 avatar

      Are you serious? Saab was sold to Spyker on 23.2.10

      • 0 avatar
        DC Bruce

        So, the question remains,”What is Saab?” Certainly the brand, apparently, the factory and the distribution network (contracts with dealers) was sold to Spyker.

        But the car, alas, was not. By the “car,” I don’t mean the physical car that people drive, but the bundle of intellectual property rights (patents, patent licenses,etc.) that make up the car was not sold in the commonly-understood sense. Apparently, much of the car is made under IP licenses from General Motors; and, as the licensor, GM has the right to control its licensing. If GM is concerned about the licensee not protecting its intellectual property (e.g. by unauthorized sub-licensing), then it’s not going to allow the licenses to be used.

        And, both GM and the Swedish government (which has invested heavily in Saab) are likely concerned about getting paid. If most of Saab’s physical assets (e.g. the factory) are transferred to countries with . . . um . . . less than transparent legal systems (ask BP how that works), there is certainly a significant payment risk.

        Whether or not Mr. Antonov is a nice guy — or even a crook — is almost beside the point. Rather the point is that he is a citizen of a country whose legal system apparently does not hesitate to “hometown” investors from outside the country; and the effectiveness of the Chinese legal system in enforcing “foreigners\'” rights in significant cases against the “homies” has yet to be proved.

        That, I suspect, is the real problem. And no amount of letter writing by Saab fanboys, whether grassroots or Astroturf, is going to fix it.

        I feel sorry for the Swedish workers whose jobs are at risk, as well as for the franchised dealers whose investment is drying up in the sun. But the innocent third parties — and possible victims — here are those who purchased new cars and supplied parts on credit in reliance on the company’s continued existence. It is for them that this situation should be resolved . . . quickly.

    • 0 avatar
      SVX pearlie

      For shame!

      GM kept Saab alive and out of the grave.

      GM spent money on Saab which would have been better spent on Olds, or even Pontiac.

      • 0 avatar

        As if. That’s pretty rich.

        At least Saab hasn’t extorted any money out of me.

        “GM kept Saab alive and out of the grave.”

        Myself and millions of other US taxpayers have kept Buick, Caddy, Chevy et al, alive and out of the grave.

        Whose crime is worse.

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    You guys have really sunk to a new low. Then again, a vast majority of the stories have been by you and Ed lately. As alluded to above, this investigative reporting is indistinguishable from malice. I expect fluff and misguided journalism from the boys at Jalopnik, but apparently you guys intend to set yourself apart from them by your level of nastiness. All of this discredits the good work that folks like David, Steven, Sajeev, Murilee, and Jack do which is what brings me back.

    • 0 avatar
      SVX pearlie


      Of all the authors on TTAC, I like Karesh & Bertel best. Of the lot, I find them to be both straightforward guys with no axes to grind.

      When Jack isn’t writing about driving (racing) or boobs, I’d rather he not write at all. His “fiction” is abominably bad, because he’s not writing what he knows. ’tis utter crap, and would be better served as a straight-up editorial or opinion piece.

      Anyhow, I fail to see the malice. Saab is a dead brand walking, has been for 20 years now.

      And as I’ve noted before and elsewhere, if every Saab-lover had actually bought a new Saab within the past 3 years, Saab wouldn’t be having a problem.

    • 0 avatar

      “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I am not surprised.


      Agreed, Saab is and has been pretty screwed with the cards stacked against them. As a dead brand walking, does it make it right to publish such incompetent investigative journalism that acts only to kick a company while it’s down? That is what we’re talking about here. Looting is still stealing even if the building has collapsed.

      TTAC asks on twitter why an EV company doesn’t get more flack for it’s questionable business model. It’s because TTAC hasn’t been devoting 10% of its hate stories to it. Where was all of this expert industry breakdown when Saab first got bought out? Apparently hind site really is 20/20.

      I do agree with your comment about Baruth. Actually I was going to take a snipe at him by just saying “at times Jack” in my original comment but decided it wasn’t necessary. I can’t say the same about Ed and definitely not Bertel. Ed does try to sound open minded about things as his open/back handed plea to Saab lovers, but he still obviously has an axe to grind. Bertel, is just getting nasty. David, Steve and Sajeev seem to be the quiet but straight shooters.

  • avatar

    We can add this article to the list that also contains McCarthy’s communist hunt, the UFO sightings at Roswell and the Flat Earth Society.

  • avatar
    John R

    Saad reminds me of the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

    C’mon. It’s over, guys.

    • 0 avatar

      “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” If it wasnt for those Swedish (Saab) Bofors guns it would have been.

      And where are the Russians on the international auto scene? Geez…ya thought Germany, Japan, Korea had enough auto manufacturers? China has SO many even they cant count ’em.

  • avatar

    Bertel seems to have put an inordinate amount of energy into researching SaabsUnited and Steven Wade without contacting either directly (very strange….). Reading his ramblings, one could be forgiven for deducing that he has a hidden agenda and/or is using his position as an ‘author’ on this site to vent some sort of personal frustration…. Does he know the cold war is over?

  • avatar

    Let’s get with the program people.

    Meet at the bike racks after school and commence smiting, smoting, pummeling until the wails of each others’ wimmwnfolk commences, loins are girded and garments are rent asunder.

    So… that Bofors 40mm so deadly to the plunging Divine Wind lads is based upon yet another Saab story?

    Oh, the Joplin tornado passed to the south of the shanty as the storm cell headed in its main eastward trajectory.


    Really blows awaiting the next tornado.

    More storms today.

    Pondering adding a few more sheets of 3/4-inch plywood to the battleship-level armor already present within the interior closet hidey-hole but that may tempt the gawds of fate who might consider sending aloft a Vega, Saab or Yugo and send it straight down, bypassing the armor and squishing Old Coot akin to a stepped-upon bug.


    • 0 avatar

      Glad you’re O.K. You may want to revamp the shanty by obtaining a couple of very-slightly-used shipping containers (easy to add windows). More stable than plywood. Even marine-grade.

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    Slightly OT but I always thought SU stood for Skinner’s Union
    Regardless, after the 9-7 (yet another GM T360 rebadge) SAAB had comprehensively jumped the shark and gone off my radar.

  • avatar
    Ashy Larry

    Time for Saab to die. I was a longtime brand faithful, having owned 900’s and a Viggen, but watching its long, slow, sad death spiral pains me more and more every day. This is a storied brand that made rich contributions to the history of the automobile, but it is simply time to let go and allow saab to go gentle into that dark night while the memories of all the good it has done still outshine the sadness of the events leading to its passing.

    With a Russian investor on watchlists, the Chinese and some Euro government lifelines, combined with an acvquisition by a loss-making exotic car company (however well-meaning they are) this seems more and more like a rehash of a movie we saw before with Rover.

    Please, spare us all and end the misery.

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