Sales: Compact Cars, March 2011

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
sales compact cars march 2011

Competition in the compact car segment hasn’t hit the fever pitch of the midsized brawl, but make no mistake, there’s a battle brewing. Toyota’s dominance last month has been reversed, with Honda taking the top spot in March, but Corolla still enjoys a five-digit advantage in Year-To-Date sales. Cruze is the leading candidate to challenge the long-reigning Honda-Toyota dominance in this segment, but it’s got a grip of upstarts breathing down its neck. Within a few months it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Honda-Toyota duopoly toppled in the coming months, just as we’ve seen in the D-Segment. Exciting times..

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  • Marko Marko on Apr 06, 2011

    I don't remember the Cruze being on sale in March 2010. I assume those are Cobalt numbers, because Wikipedia says that Lordstown didn't start making Cruzes until that July. By the way, I sat in a Cruze today, and was quite impressed. The seats were quite supportive, and the doors felt solid and "German". I'm seeing them everywhere around Boston. Supposedly, the new Focus feels similarly "German" (well, it is, I guess), and the reviews have been impressive, but there aren't any at dealers around here yet. Once they become available, I'm sure they will become a smash hit. Speaking of "German" cars, I'm seeing new Jettas everywhere, too, but it seems like VW is trying to sell them primarily on price. Sad...

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    • Marko Marko on Apr 06, 2011

      Come to think of it, I do pass by a few Chevy dealers fairly regularly, so maybe those localized Cruze sightings (i.e. test drives, cars being moved around, loaner cars) have been skewing my perceptions. And yes, the new Elantra is selling quite well around here, and the Fiesta's popularity is so-so.

  • APaGttH APaGttH on Apr 06, 2011

    Surprises/views: 1) Who are these people buying Corollas? What the heck? It is hopelessly outclassed in this segment by almost every car on the list. 2) Go Cruze go! And they said it wouldn't sell because its expensive, and porky, and gets bad mileage... 3) I am Elantra - hear me roar! Hyundai isn't the under dog anymore. 4) 3,750 people with a pulse actually bought a Dodge Caliber???

    • CJinSD CJinSD on Apr 07, 2011

      What do you think is your point? People buy Cruzes in spite of their terrible stats, so they they shouldn't buy efficient, light, affordable Corollas?

  • Mike978 Mike978 on Apr 07, 2011

    There is always one and CJinSD seems to be that one. Someone has to defend the Corolla! It is an objective fact that it is outclassed on any measure - price, versatility, performance, fuel economy, interior space, design, quality of materials etc by any number of cars in that list. It does sell well in the real world and it seems the real world is intruding on TTAC with CJ. There I was thinking everyone who read TTAC liked cars and wanted only the best to sell well.

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    • CJinSD CJinSD on Apr 09, 2011

      @CJinSD I don't know of anyone with a calculator and a clue getting better than a 25 mpg average with a Cruze. I have done my very best to hammer a rented Corolla and wound up with almost 31 mpg. You're simply wrong about the fuel consumption of VWs and Chevys. Just look at comparison tests where the cars are driven in the same conditions and manner. 24 mpg for the VW Rabbit, 33 mpg for the Civic and Corolla. That is a real difference in the real world. Take a look at the acceleration times while you're at it. There was no performance penalty involved in going 9 more miles on each gallon of gas. That is the delta of engineering capability between VW and the Japanese quantified. Throwing a features list at an engine is no substitute for knowing what you're doing. The Cruze is a heavy car that burns gas like other heavy cars in the real world. If you do all your driving on a chassis dyno with a bad physics model, be my guest.

  • Beelzebubba Beelzebubba on Apr 08, 2011

    I still can't believe 30,000 Corollas are sold every month....poor SOBs!