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„Let’s see what Volvo has with Jacoby as chief and the Chinese as owners.”

If I would have a Euro for each time that sentence is uttered in Geneva, I’d be rich by now. Volvo shows a V60 plug-in hybrid wagon. It uses a 215 horsepower 2.4L diesel 5-cylinder engine to drive the front wheels, while a 70 horsepower electric motor powers the rear.

Three power modes are on tap: Pure electric, hybrid driving and one named “Power”.

In electric mode, the V60 can go as far as 30 miles without using any diesel. It can be charged in as little as 3 hours.

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13 Comments on “Volvo Doing Alright Under New Management...”

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    As a fan of wagons, I’d love to simply see the V60 here. Enjoyed the S60 much more than I expected to.

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    What’s the price?

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    Whoa, cool!  Something like this could work for a lot of people.  Me, for instance.  Witness:

    I have been thinking alot about what would be the right mix of cars for my family long term.  I was coming up with something like the XC70 for hauling all our stuff to the cottage once a week, plus towing the boat to / from the launch twice a year, and other lighter towing now and again.

    But we still need a second car because even though my wife and I work in the same place, quite often one or the other needs to go out of town.  So, I was thinking maybe something hyper fuel efficient but cheap for the daily commute, just to do our part for the planet, and offset the slight piggishness of a Volvo wagon.  Maybe a Fiat 500, since we are style consicous too!

    But now here is a car that could do both jobs.  Our daily commute + errands is less than 30 miles total, all in town, so this car could conceivably run all week without the diesel even firing up.  Then, take us to the cottage on weekends pretty efficiently.

    Which means the second car for occasional use could be anything at all…..

    I had never really thought about this class of car at all until this point.  Plug-in CUV with lots of luggage space and a moderate electric-only range.  There should be more like this!


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    ok, i guess i don’t get why a hybrid needs a 215 hp gas engine. my xc70 has 198 hp gas engine.

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    Come on down! Volvo, V60 2.0 T5 Powershift

    5 door, 5 seater, station wagon 2011, Manual Transmission
    $54,950 not including on roads. :Probaly equates  to $30K+ US
    V60 T6 AWD (224 kW)
    Sporty in-line 3.0 litre six-cylinder engine
    Twin-scroll turbo
    440 Nm torque from 2100 – 4200 revs
    Six-speed Geartronic automatic transmission
    $72,150, probaly around $45k+ US

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    Wait. wait! Wasn’t all this wunder-technik developed and implemented while still under Ford? 
    I’d wait for at least a year or two before confidently saying that some design or business success/failure is a result of the new management/owner efforts.

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    So it’s a true through-the-road hybrid? Cool if so.

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    The V60 is a sweet ride, the value is pretty average, but that poor fuel economy always keeps me from considering it.

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    God do I want this car.
    Nearly 300hp, AWD when you need it, and I imagine the fuel economy is excellent even when you aren’t plugged in, and it’s a wagon! Is it too much to hope for that they would offer a 6 speed manual transmission and a suspension tuned for those who enjoy driving?

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    It looks like a stretched, 4-door C30.

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      Yes it does… sort of. But something about it just doesn’t look right.
      And as someone who just test drove a C30 I sure hope it has Volvo’s patented blind spot warning system, because despite the C30s size the combination of high doors (for safety?), wide wheel arches (very stylish) and small mirrors (better areo?) makes seeing what is over your shoulder a touch tricky.

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    Who knows, if they are serious about it (i.e. if it is actually reliably running), they could be the first ones to offer a diesel-electric hybrid, with the added bonus of a plug in. I still somehow recon Peugeot will probably beat them to it, at least with the diesel part.

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