What's Wrong With This Picture: Love It Or Leave It… Or Both Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture love it or leave it or both edition

Why do we get the feeling that Chrysler’s giant front-page ad in the New York Times isn’t sending the message Chrysler thinks it is?

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  • Rob Finfrock Rob Finfrock on Feb 10, 2011

    Seems like a natural slogan for a rental car. So, totally appropriate for a Sebring/200.

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    • Rob Finfrock Rob Finfrock on Feb 10, 2011

      All the same, I'll take a Hyundai over a Fiasler, thanks.

  • MK MK on Feb 10, 2011

    "Imported from Detroit" . LOL! Yeah, that sounds about right. "Imported from Sierra Leone" has a nice ring too.

  • Zang You just proved me right lol. dont worry, outside ttac people dont value your opinion either.
  • Fred Mean while, 2 people dies last night because of DUI Just saying EDIT: Just saw that id a woman whose Tesla crashed into a pole, but she was driving.
  • MaintenanceCosts If you are going to buy anything Hellcat or 392 equipped, you better have a garage with steel doors, high-security locks, and some reinforcement for the walls. These things are catnip for thieves, including some with markedly higher levels of skill than Kia Boyz.
  • Fie on Fiasler "Pedestrian" is often a euphemism for "homeless," especially in blue cities.
  • Oberkanone Too slow! Need a Trackhawk.