New Porsche GT3R Hybrid Pays Tribute to the Porsche GT3R Hybrid

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
new porsche gt3r hybrid pays tribute to the porsche gt3r hybrid

Quoth the release:

The official Porsche Facebook fan page reached a social media landmark, when it welcomed its one-millionth fan recently. Especially for its one million devotees Porsche invited them to sign-up via Facebook to have their name inscribed on a special Porsche model. More than 27.000 Fans decided to have their signature on a real Porsche. This vehicle, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid, will be displayed as part of a unique exhibit at the Porsche Museum in February 2011. Enjoy a special Porsche model with a personal touch.

For a look at the car, and for a special photo-illustration of what a Panamera signed by all its “fans” might look like, click the jump.

Here’s the GT3R Hybrid itself:

So that’s what a GT3R looks like when it’s signed by all of its fans. But if we could somehow envision what a Panamera might look like when it was signed by all of the people with the taste and breeding to appreciate its styling and engineering, what would that look like? I commissioned noted Microsoft Paint artist Jack Baruth to create the concept, which is below:

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  • Cole Cole on Feb 11, 2011

    Man you're such a snob JB. The Panamera owns.

  • Slow kills Slow kills on Feb 12, 2011

    I actually prefer the commissioned artistic rendition to the imbecility of covering a car with a paper mache made of a printout of names of teenage internet fanboys (and fangirls, apparently). Why is Porsche sharing the vapid egotistical concern of Kim Kardashian?

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