What's Wrong With This Picture: Full-Sized Love Edition

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
what s wrong with this picture full sized love edition

Not to inflame the passions brought on by our CAFE regulations and pickup trucks article, but take a look at this still from a movie called “The Dentist 2”. Keep in mind, this is the very old second-gen Explorer that is busy dwarfing a GMC C-20 full-sized pickup; the modern, D3 unibody 2011 Explorer is a foot longer and three inches taller.

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  • Carlisimo Carlisimo on Jan 03, 2011

    I've worked in construction and driven 20-year old F-350s, 10-year old F-550s, new and almost-new F-250s and their GM equivalents... and I like the old ones more. It comes down to one specific thing: the height of the bed sides. I shouldn't need a ladder or a crane to grab my stuff out of the back! At least I can climb though - a lot of our superintendents are 50+ years old. They'll never admit it, but some of them would find it easier to use a smaller truck. By "smaller" I'm talking about height. We need long beds and a decent load rating (in the bed, not towing). We don't need tremendous towing capacity. It can come in handy, but isn't that what the larger models are for? We always had an F-550 flatbed on hand, but it's not like every carpenter and engineer needs all that much capacity. One of our competitors gave its engineers Tundras (previous-gen, back when it was a "7/8s" truck) and it never seemed to be a problem for them. Engineers would probably be fine with 4x4, 4-seat Tacomas.

  • Geeber Geeber on Jan 03, 2011

    Yes, the old trucks were smaller...but not because people were somehow more responsible or sensible in the 1960s. Instead of driving around in huge Silverados and F-150s, they drove around in huge Caprices and LTDS and Fury IIIs and Montereys and Bonnevilles and Ninety-Eights with big-block V-8s that got about 10-12 mpg in good conditions.

    • Brandloyalty Brandloyalty on Jan 04, 2011

      My '79 Impala wagon with a 350 V8 and 3-spd automatic regularly got over 20mpg (Imperial) on the highway. It could do so with 6 people in a nice conversational grouping, and carry all their luggage in the weatherproof cargo area. How come most of the rest of the world manages to carry and tow things around without using pickup trucks? When the ego-driven factors are left out, truck design becomes vastly more efficient and functional. Where are the best cargo vans coming from now?

  • Panzerfaust Panzerfaust on Jan 03, 2011

    When my wife and I were shopping for a replacement for our Blazer I decided to look at the new Explorers. Even in the dealer lot I had a hard time telling the difference between the Explorer and Excursion unless they were side by side. Dittos for most late model domestic Pick-ups, the ride height on them is amazing. Doesn't anyone load their trucks by hand anymre?

    • Baabthesaab Baabthesaab on Jan 03, 2011

      We try to load them by hand, but it's getting painful - I'm 59, and feeling 75 when I toss(?) stuff in the truck.

  • Carlson Fan Carlson Fan on Jan 03, 2011

    "Doesn’t anyone load their trucks by hand anymre? ' Ever shovel 2500 lbs of 1 1/2" river rock into the bed of a PU at a dusty, shadeless, landscaping yard in 90 degree heat? Neither have I! ....LOL