Hyundai Bashes Chevy Cruze Eco… Sort Of

Even when marketers are locked in an epic struggle for the hearts of consumers, they still treat each other with a basic level of respect. After all, the competition is just competition; the real enemy is the consumer. But the competing impulses towards ruthless competition and collegial courtesy can often just cause more confusion. Take this spot from Hyundai, which makes a big joke out of a problem that isn’t especially widespread, and yet refuses to actually land the punch. What Hyundai is trying to do here is mock Chevrolet for coming out with a special “Eco” version of its Cruze that gets 42 MPG highway, and then using that claim to advertise all Cruzes with just an asterisk to remind buyers that the Eco model costs extra. Which is an interesting approach, except that we haven’t been able to find much evidence of this tactic… in fact, it seems that at least some Cruze ads cop to a 36 MPG, and the asterisk only references that the number is from the EPA. Did Hyundai jump the gun on this one? If so, the brand’s decision to break out sales of every 40 MPG vehicle it sells should help get things back on track.

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  • Joel C. Joel C. on Dec 02, 2010

    I went to Hyudai's website and used their search to find cars above 36 MPG. There were no results. This commercial needs an asterisk.

  • That guy That guy on Dec 02, 2010

    The Cruze's Eco Package is a joke that 99% of people won't buy; it's only there for advertising. The majority of people are going to buy the regular underpowered model that gets mediocre mileage.

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    • Asdfghjkl Asdfghjkl on Jan 14, 2011

      When you go to the store, I'm sure you like choices. What's wrong with GM giving you choices with the Cruze? If you want the Cruze Eco, then buy it and you will get the best gas mileage in it's class. (better than the Hundai). I guess when Hundai gets beaten, it has to find a way to make itself look better. I think it's a poor ad for Hundai.

  • TruthTorpedo TruthTorpedo on Dec 02, 2010

    Americans who would buy a Korean car over an American car are totally retarded. Go to Korea and see what Korean's buy - LOCAL Americans are totally self destructive if they continue to give foreign auto makers such a huge chuck of their annual auto sales Wake the heck up!

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    • Mikey Mikey on Jan 14, 2011

      There is a point on my daily walk, where on a clear day I can see GM. From the same spot on a real clear day I can see the United States. I guess that still makes the Oshawa built Impala, and Camaro foreign eh? winter beater Jimmy came from Linden N.J. ...OMG! I'm driving an import!

  • MBella MBella on Dec 02, 2010

    This is definitely an amateur production. It seems like some kid did this in 20 minutes for his film class. No way it's an actual commercial.