Aston Martin-Maybach Concept Coming

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
aston martin maybach concept coming

Talk about a blast from the past: TTAC first took note of talks between Aston Martin and Daimler nearly three years ago, and the Maybach connection first shows up a few months later. But all this time later it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of progress has been made. The FT reports that the two sides are still

sounding out a partnership in which Aston Martin could take engine technology from the German carmaker in exchange for building the cars“Aston Martin needs engines and nobody at Daimler wants to let the Maybach brand die,” said one industry insider.The problem is that the only fruit of these years of rumored Aston-Daimler flirtations has not been AMG-engined Aston sexiness, but rather the unloved GL-based Lagonda Concept. But Automotive News [sub] cites German media reports that say Daimler hascommissioned a mock-up of a new Maybach limousine that would use know-how and parts from Aston Martin. The new Maybach could debut at the 2011 Frankfurt auto showWe always thought this deal would be as easy as bunging a 6.3 into the Vantage and calling it good (OK, we knew it wouldn’t be that easy), but Daimler’s inexplicable desire to revive Maybach complicates things considerably. Especially considering that Aston’s only recent four-door is actually contract built in Austria by Magna. Still, given Aston’s other tie-ups, this partnership could be a lot worse.

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  • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Dec 23, 2010

    Boring car. What do I see: - A-pillar cribbed from the Chrysler Norseman; - front maul stolen from Audi. Not enough original design language for me.

  • Daga Daga on Dec 23, 2010

    Well, the first Lagonda also looks 'technically' ugly, so why not have a swing with this one. Sad though.

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