By on November 15, 2010

If you’ve ever been to a topless beach, you know the basic problem: you expect a bunch of topless Jags and Maseratis, but what you actually get is this, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Four thousand pounds of roly-poly crossover blessed with the totally misguided belief that people want to see it with its top off. And it would be one thing if this were just a one-off concept, but it sounds like Nissan is considering actually making this thing. We’ll keep a corner of our eye on this as the LA Auto Show kicks off… but we’ll be sure to avoid eye contact.

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22 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Topless Beach Edition...”

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    This sort of toplessness should be censored. We should have seen this monstrosity coming after they greenlighted the Juke. Nothing can stop Nissan now.

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    John R

    I can’t help but think that Nissan is going to sell every one of these things.

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    Let me get this straight; it’s ugly, ostentatious, probably doesn’t drive very well and will cost a lot of money to buy and run.

    I wouldn’t buy one but I’m sure Nissan will sell a million. Judging by the large number of Jukes I’ve seen so far, I’m not the best judge of such things, and I suspect most of the readership on this site are in the same position.

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    Nissans good at finding niche markets, just like the Juke this thing will be a hit. Women in their thirties will eat this thing up…

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    There’s a definite need for a convertible that’s both comfortable (for four people and their stuff) and not exorbitantly priced.  I’d like to say this is that car, but I think the cost will be a bit too high, and the badge insufficiently prestigious, to net too many buyers.

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      but I think the cost will be a bit too high, and the badge insufficiently prestigious, to net too many buyers
      Bingo… if they absolutely had to do this, why not start with the Infiniti FX?

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      The Murano is already (arguably) very overpriced, but sells like hotcakes. It bugs me because it’s really an Altima wagon for a bunch of extra cash.
      If it’s under $40k, I don’t think Nissan will have trouble putting their badge on it (see: Murano, Maxima)

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      The Murano is not an “Altima wagon for a bunch of extra cash”, not even close. The Murano has a very nice interior, much nicer then the Altimas. The Muranos more of a Maxima CUV…and it shows as it has Maxima pricing. Its a nice CUV.

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      I’m not just making up analogies–the Murano is based on the Altima. I know they fancy it up to substantiate the higher price, but IMO it’s quite a stretch what they charge for it, considering its pedigree and lack of Infiniti badge.

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    Doing to the FX or EX probably would have been a good idea, but they should have done it to the Versa/Juke or Rogue to hit the low end as well.

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    A two door convertible CUV? This is all kinds of wrong.

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    What’s hard to get used to with these vehicles is the way their occupants, with their heads just showing above the beltline, look like Fisher-Price toy people. Lexus convertibles have the same look.

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    Everything….everything is wrong with that picture. I can’t honestly believe Nissan has smoked enough crack to actually produce this Frankenvertible, but if they do, and after having to endure seeing multiple Jukes out on the road, I may consider a class-action lawsuit against Nissan for the damage it’s inflicting on my eyes (and for emotional suffering and distress).

    I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but this thing would have to weigh over 4500 lbs when you take a Murano, and add the top mechanism and chassis reinforcements to keep it from cracking in half over the first pothole….this Hippo will make the old PT Cruiser convertible seem like a Miata.

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    Build it! Build it! Build it!

    That’s one more car on the road where the rear quarter windows will roll down!
    Maybe, just maybe, Nissan will be the company that’ll steal GM’s thunder (or past glory) and re-invent the pillarless hardtop for the masses. I may buy one.

    Many will line up to buy this. Me? I’d prefer an EOS, though.

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    I… actually don’t think it looks that bad.

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      I would have to agree with Lexingtonian for the most part. One thing that is really suspicious is the fact that the bottom half of the car is blacked out. It almost looks car-like with the majority of its “heft” buried in darkness. Its looks may be an entirely different story when exposed to direct sunlight.

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    FWIW, there is a Murano Convertible listed in Nissan’s 2011 model year Warranty Information Booklet.  In reality, if it was going to be a 2011 vehicle, it would have been out by now.

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    How can anyone say this is any worse than a PT Cruiser convertible? It will sell.

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    Ed, you’re one tough cookie.
    I don’t know why, but I was looking forward to this when I first heard of it.
    And I think it looks good.
    I will hold my final opinion until I see it this weekend in Los Angeles.
    I gotta say, however, I am really a sucker for anything convertible.
    Remember when they were cutting of the tops of small pick-ups in the eighties?
    I think it was around that time.

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    To my eye it’s got that old Dodge Command Car mojo-thing going…

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    I like it.  Should have alot of passenger in a small footprint.   Also looks like a hard top.  Perfect for the city!

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