October Probably Best Month This Year

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
october probably best month this year

Numbers are not in yet, and many makers won’t report until tomorrow, but it already looks like October was the best in 14 months, if Bloomberg has it right. What’s more, buyers are willing to cough up more for 2011 model-year vehicles.

According to a panel of nine analysts polled by Bloomberg, deliveries have reached a SAAR of 11.9 million vehicles. That would make October the best month since the government’s short-lived “cash for clunkers” program in August 2009.

“The business is moving from 2010s being sold at big discounts to 2011s sold at a premium,” said Jeremy Anwyl, CEO of Edmunds.com.

TTAC will cover the actual numbers tomorrow.

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  • Dastanley Dastanley on Nov 02, 2010

    Cutie pie.

    • J Mendez J Mendez on Nov 02, 2010

      Agree..hmmm looks like someone I knew...ok ok nevermind, ;-) Will wait for the oct numbers. Salu2!

  • CamaroKid CamaroKid on Nov 02, 2010

    Bloomberg link is bad

  • DenverMike DenverMike on Nov 02, 2010

    Could be the storm before the calm. People tend to hoard cars that are going out of production. Panthers, BOF Explorers, V8 M3s, LS3 Corvettes, Mercurys. There's a rumor that gas guzzling muscle cars are going to be banned so my friend building a collection of all the new muscle cars, just in case. If autos.yahoo is correct, people are paying more than $1000 over MSRP for 2011 base Rangers??? That's on average. Are some people actually paying $2000 over?