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Don’t thank us GM… thank George W. Bush. Also, do we remember what happened when Chrysler tried this? History seems to indicate that paying back every penny is the best “thank you” of all.

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24 Comments on “General Motors Has Something It Wants To Say…...”

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    Ugh.  At least they didn’t show the brands so some people can continue to think Chevy is not part of GM.
    What’s next?  Thank you license plate surrounds on GM cars to match the “not made by Govt Money” surrounds on many Fords these days.

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    It’s a dumb ad.
    Since when is it “honorable” to have other people bail you out against their will?  That’s not perseverance, that’s cheating.  I’m far more impressed with a Ford that was able to weather the storm than a GM or Chrysler.  What we gave GM was not a helping hand, but a handout.  That money will NEVER be returned.
    Politicians handing out billions in taxpayer dollars in order to get political favors is absolutely disgusting.

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      “Since when is it “honorable” to have other people bail you out against their will?”

      Many people supported it and we think its honorable. I’m incredibly proud of what is being accomplished. The money is already in the process of being returned.

      I’m glad that the tens of thousands of Americans employed by GM, Chrysler and the many, many auto suppliers are still working. The amount spent on the auto bailout is a drop in the bucket compared to the TRILLIONS wasted on the wars.

      Now that the Republicans control the Congress, I’m sure they’ll give it their best to support your philosophy of kicking your fellow Americans when they’re down. (Assuming they don’t spend all their time engineering another financial meltdown like this one they caused.)

      I agree with you that the ad is dumb.

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      I’m not getting into a ridiculous Republican vs. Democrat pissing contest.  Most Americans OPPOSED the auto bailouts, and it’s an incredibly slippery slope when the government starts running corporations.
      Essentially, GM couldn’t get people to buy their cars, so they just instead MADE the taxpayer give them money.
      Wow!  What a success story!

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    The ad inaptly uses did-it-themselves up-from-the-boot-straps cultural icons.
    To be more accurate they should have shown a 60’s commune working to gather organic grains or a peewee soccer game where the scoreboard is reset by the non-violence, community outreach interventionist.

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    Love the IDEA behind the ad. Hate the execution, and that my tax dollars were used to pay for it. Not surprisingly, this is also my overall attitude towards Gov’t — er, I mean General — Motors.

    I think a poster on the GMInsideNews blog says it best: “GM – shut the **** up and [just] make better products!”

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    The ad doesn’t imply that it’s “honorable” to have other people bail you out. It’s a simple, humble thank you, and I think appropriate. It’s not like a sizable portion of the bailout hasn’t already been repaid within the year…

    I also find it rather amusing how Ford gets kudos for mortgaging to the hilt while credit was still available. It’s not like they weathered the storm without borrowed money. (Yeah, blah, blah… against my will – just like anything else the government spends our money on. We all wish we had a say in that, I’m sure)

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      This is a bailout funded (taxpayer) ad. Glad to see our money is being put to good use. GM putting this ad together is equivalent to unwillingly giving a gift to someone, and then selecting and paying for a Thank You note for them to send back.

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    What a joke. GM didn’t “fall down.”  It exploded in a nuclear fireball of incompetence and arrogrance by management. 

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    They could have saved a bunch of money if they just had a spot with Bob King saying thank you for allowing the government to pay them off instead.

    Then again, why worry about Government motors saving money? They got 50 billion to play with.


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    No need to thank me, GM, the money was taken from me at gunpoint.  If I’d had a choice in the matter, it might be appropriate to thank me.

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    what a crock of crap. they did it on purpose to close unionized plants, screw dealers, walk away from liabilities and resell to same banksters. that’s why they sold off everything worthwhile prior to filing. they are a bunch of crooks who no one should ever think of trusting.

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    I understand cyclical-clickery keeps numbers high, but citing one’s previous opinion as fact undermines the entire concept of truth. Ya’ll invented the backlash you’re trying to use as a basis for rebuking GM’s thanks.
    Intellectual masturbation.

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    That vid might have worked except for the clips of “Popeye” and “Bluto” Blutarski from Animal House.  They didn’t fall, they failed, just like this ad.

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    Extra Credit

    I have to admit that I lost interest a few seconds into the ad, so I could be mistaken, but I was left with one stark contrast:  Didn’t the characters in the ad that failed/fell down manage to pull themselves up without the generous assistance of others?  Seems like an apples and oranges comparison to me.

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    Someone should make a parody of this showing things like the Deathstar blowing up, the T1000 melting, and Yosemite Sam getting tricked.
    Then, after the “Thank you for helping us back up line” flash up the logos for Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, and HUMMER.

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    Ugh- WTF….you don’t thank people when they gave you a loan against your will.  That’d be like someone mugging you and saying “gee- thanks.  You’re swell.  I hope to pay to back some time, if everything works out”.

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    Seems to be a gathering here of the TTAC GM haters. Once in your glory with the premature “deathwatch” articles. Now reduced to name-calling, cursing and general anger at The General. So pathetic.

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