Chart Of The Day: Key Hyundai Nameplate Sales Since 1995

chart of the day key hyundai nameplate sales since 1995

If there’s a maxim the auto industry can take to the bank, it’s this: focus wins. Knowing a brand’s advantages and maintaining a laser-like focus on them is the way to win in the car game, and it’s a lesson Hyundai has clearly learned. Over the last several years, Hyundai has caught the media’s attention by moving into the luxury and coupe segments with its Genesis, but the real offensive is still coming. The redesigned Sonata was the tip of the spear, giving Hyundai a top-notch competitor in the all-important D-Segment, and next up are similarly improved versions of the Elantra and Accent. These three models have been some of Hyundai’s most enduringly successful nameplates, and as this graph proves, they’ve been responsible for much of the brand’s recent sales growth. They’ve even maintained decent momentum towards the end of their model lifes. With the new Tucson replacing the Santa Fe as Hyundai’s top-selling crossover, Hyundai has been able to maintain a competitive crossover nameplate for several years now, but even the hot CUV segment likely won’t provide as much juice to Hyundai sales as the redesigned Elantra and Accent. Meanwhile, Hyundai’s entries into the luxury and sporty space seem to have amounted to little more than a distraction… the lurking danger for every automaker.

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  • TrailerTrash TrailerTrash on Nov 15, 2010

    ED, I guess I am not sure what a "flagship" car is supposed to do. Is it sell the most, or to set the quality/image standard for the maker? If for quality standard, then the Genesis did its job, right? It isn't a category sales leader but it seems to have jacked up Hyundai's image. This brings in customers and even if they can't afford it...they feel good about the lesser priced car. Isn't that what a flagship should do?

  • Telegraph Road Telegraph Road on Nov 15, 2010

    Scary plot. I'd be happier if you capitalized the F in "focus wins".

  • Bd2 Bd2 on Nov 16, 2010

    While this chart/thread is about sales figures for Hyundai models and while the new Sonata has gotten a lot of press, as well as a dramatic increase in sales over the previous generation - one really shouldn't overlook the similar impact that the new Sorento has had for Kia. Pretty much every month of this year, Sorento sales have been climbing and YTD it's outselling the venerable Honda Pilot (who would have ever though that?). Also, the new Tucson and Sportage would be selling in greater nos. if Hyundai's/Kia's factories could produce more of them.

  • KalapanaBlack KalapanaBlack on Nov 16, 2010

    Not sure who made this graph, but two of the lines are almost identically-colored (Sonata and Santa Fe) and the XG/Azera line is white on a white background. You can't even see it. Good information, poorly presented.