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No, not sexploitation. If she was sitting on the fender of a green ’69 Galaxie, I would have moved right along. But Angela Dorian, aka Victoria Vetri won no less than a pink AMX for besting the tough competition in 1968. And I would never have remembered known, were it not for the fact that she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after her boy friend was shot at close range in her apartment. And look at those …wheel covers; I could have sworn all AMXs came with styled steel wheels. There’s so much still to learn. Isn’t the internet wonderful?


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29 Comments on “Shameless Carploitation Dept: Former Playmate Of The Year Arrested For Murder...”

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    I thought the Angela Dorian was a ship!!! That went down! Anyway, I love that AMX, and I’m waiting to see a CC on that.

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      Oh, David! You are good! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read here in ages. Stay alert, boy, there has to be more to come to us with a sense of history.

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      You’re not alone, it also crossed my mind that her name almost rhymed with the name of that ship.
      What color were the seats in that car, and did it have an extra mirror to help apply makeup?

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      Ha ha, good one.  The ship you’re thinking of was the Andrea Doria.

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      That word play on the ship’s name was probably intentional…her real name is Victoria Vectri, if I recall correctly. She supposedly still has that car.

      The wheelcovers were probably standard…remember that in the 1960s, virtually EVERYTHING was optional. We are used to seeing fully restored cars at car shows with optional wheels, deluxe interiors, paint stripes, etc.

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    Maybe the boyfriend had suggested they repaint the car.

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      She had it repainted black, because it was so recognizable (even when Javelins and AMXes were relatively common). Police officers would regularly find excuses to pull her over to check out the…car.

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    Did they just pull those wheel covers directly from a 240z and slap them on that AMX?

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      Those exact wheel covers were also available through J.C.Whitney back in those days. Never saw an AMX with them though… I actually remember  when the AMX was new, it was my dream car when I was 9 years old. I saw a white one with the tan interior somewhere and was instantly smitten.

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      Those were the standard wheelcovers for Javelins, and probably AMXes, too. They were also available as an option on the Rambler American.

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    My dad bought a 1969 AMX new back in the day because of that spread.

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    what did your mother say?

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    AMXL-legs?  Ok that one sucked.

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    That model , who was the 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year is now 66 and has been charged with the attempted murder of her husband !

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      I think you might need a cup of coffee there Zombo.

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      Yep Nick you are exactly right ! Read the column yesterday (without clicking on the red part) and saw the story on a news site this morning after a whopping 4-5 hours of sleep . With apologies to Mr. Niedermeyer for his excellent blast from the past – seems the only parts that stuck in my sleepy 53 year old memory in a rush to post and leave for work were the reader’s comments and the lady’s name . Well at least the url link was different . I remember Victoria Vetri from one of those yearly Playboy pictorial books and a B movie ironically called Invasion of the Bee Girls . Hot chicks – bad movie .

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    Dang, those are great legs.  I’d take the AMX, even in that color.  Just think, she’s from an era when women still had pubic hair.  Remember that?

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Some women (even under the age of 30, I’m happy to report) still do.  Also notice she doesn’t look like she needs a sandwich to survive the photo shoot.

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      Google “Vintage Erotica Forums” and check out the “Vintage Erotica Talk” subforum.  No silicone, no ink, no razors, just women that look like real women.

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    Wow. That was an era when “sex” still had a bit of class. I will not comment on remarks made above! I have to maintain decency.

    Now for the car: The Javelin was a true hardtop; i.e: the rear windows rolled down. The AMX, not so much, as the windows were fixed, probably due to the fact of the shortened wheelbase and the small sliver of glass didn’t make it worth it to AMC. Still ticked me off back then, anyway. Sorry, I (still) care about that stuff.

    Additionally, the dashboard looked padded, but was solid, hard fiberglass or plastic or whatever it was they made it out of. BUT the center stack where the radio was – THAT was padded! I suppose if you had your girlfriend with you and had a wreck, she would only have what station you were listening to embossed on her forehead.

    That’s all I remember off the top of my head about those cars. Nowhere near as refined as the Chevys were, though. Interiors were pretty cheaply done and didn’t suggest durability, as durability was only measured against 2 – 3 years’ duration. You were expected to trade that often back then. Engineered obsolescence was the order of the day. The greatest “sin” of them all, but what variety! We’ll never see that again. Good on the one hand, bad on the other. Which outweighs what?

    Final note: Those bumpers. In the era before 5 mph regulations, the automakers took a beating from just about all the auto mags for their bumpers being so flimsy, they were referred to as “ornaments”, I remember one mag saying. You could grab the edge of the wrap-around and without too much effort jerk and even bend some of them out of shape! They wouldn’t protect the car at all, and being flush as on the AMX, like the CC T-Bird, touch something, next stop, body shop!

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    Playmates actually used to look like people you’d see on the street? Interesting. I just assumed they had always been 5’1″ blondes with 30″ hair extensions who got a little too happy at the plastic surgeon and depilatory clinic.
    In related news, my condolences to Bob Guccione’s family…on having to carry that surname around with them forever.

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    Domestic Hearse

    And now, it’s time to turn the AMX over to TTAC’s tame racing driver.

    Some say…that he’s not at all dissuaded by hirsute forearms on former Playboy bunnies. And that after a few hot laps in this well-aged pink number, another man ended up shot.

    All we know is…he’s called the Jack.

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    Wow – it doesn’t even take a thread about a vintage car for you guys to complain about modern times’ abundance of plastic and air bags…

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