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Whether you are as “infatuated” with the Nissan Juke as Diego Rodriguez of Metacool or not, you have to admit the guy has found an unlikely yet apt comparison for the saucy Nissan. The Saab faithful might be a bit taken aback by the comparison, but the Juke’s wacky look is probably closer to the spirit of the 96 than Saab’s latest design “effort.” Still, put an updated 96 body on the Juke’s platform, and you’d quickly have this Saab skeptic’s attention. Surf on over for the full comparison. [Hat Tip: Michael Banovsky]

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27 Comments on “Nissan Juke Design Influence Revealed?...”

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    I’m not so sure the look was inspired by the 96, but they do seem to share the same spirit.

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    I’m a bit taken aback by the comparison.

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    A bit taken aback. Yes, but then just plain sad about that “latest design ‘effort\'”. Now, an updated 96 body on the Nissan chassis? Show me!

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    Jeez, what did the Saab 96 ever do to anybody to be insulted so?  I’d say an apology is in order…

    The Juke is clearly the result of some unholy genetic engineering between a frog, a mutant warthog, and a clown’s shoe. Admittedly, it’s less ugly out on the road (it looks best when driving AWAY from me) than in static photos, but this beast is still waaaay wierder/uglier than anything Saab ever foisted upon the world.

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    I would say it looks more like a midget Infiniti FX on steroids.

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    The Nissan Juke is what it is – no further introductions needed. It’s wishful thinking to say that the SAAB 96 was the inspiration for the Juke.
    Don’t forget there was a SAAB 95 station wagon and it does not share the Juke’s lines at all.
    Also, for those who believe that beauty is only skin – take a look of the engine and transmission layout of these two different beasts. Interior wise – the cabin in a SAAB from the 1960’s was only slightly less Spartan than a VW – So, at least you had a proper heater.

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      I resemble that handle.

      I stopped by a Nissan dealer earlier this week.  It was way before they were open and the car was locked, so I couldn’t get the feel inside.
      There was one big concern I had that you can’t really tell from afar…the blind sport.

      The way it is, there is a huge C pillar and the rear glass implies you can see a large area, but in reality the actual viewing area is very small.
      I bet between the false rear class with blackout and the wide pillar, a total space of over a foot is blocking out other cars.
      From what I saw, there is no space behind the rear seat.

      In short, they better have a fun to drive little sport/ute here because its no hauler.
      It’s better than a two seater.
      They could have made the Frog Fender lights just a wee bit lower so as not to look so intrusively freakish.
      It would have helped.

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    Apparently they don’t do work-place drug testing at Metacool.
    There are no similarities of any kind between the two cars.

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    Rod Panhard

    Slow blog day, eh guys? Did you really have to repurpose content that was totally wrong? It’s sort of like saying “Chess and football are similar because they’re both games.”

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    Nissan really needs to use the song ‘Jukin’ by the Atlanta Rhythm Section for their commercials:
    Let’s go jukin
    Don’t you wanna go jukin
    I got jukin in my blood
    Yes, I do

    I expect a fat sack of cash Real Soon Now from Nissan for this clever suggestion

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    On closer examination, I see it now…four wheels.

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    The Juke obviously takes influence from everyday items, but with less corn and fibers visible in the finished product.

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    Dr Lemming

    I don’t get the comparison at all.  The overarching goal of the Saab design was clean aerodynamics.  Very post-war Swedish in character.  In contrast, the Nissan has an over-the-top, postmodern, Bangle-on-drugs quality.  The Juke looks like a they threw some of the weirdest contemporary design influences from the French and Japanese into a blender.
    Said another way:  The Saab is an iconic example of function over form.  The Juke does the opposite — in glorious excess.  The Saab design is timeless; the Juke will be forgotten as quickly as the AMC Gremlin.

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    I’m not seeing it.  I mean, they’re both a little odd, but that’s where it ends.  One looks like a 1940s American car that’s been in the dryer too long, the other, well, like a sporty Multipla on stilts.

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    I hate the Juke even more now… thanks. The Saab is actually pretty much normal looking to me considering when it was built. There is just so much wrong with the Juke. Atleast I saw this post before lunch.

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    bill h.

    Well, it was past time for the weekly? semimonthly? TTAC Saab Slam.  This was as good an excuse as any, even if the self-confessed “Saab skeptic” had to work on a 50 year old model design to do it.

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    I have only seen the juke on tv commercials and they never did show a good view of it.  Now I see why.  Dang it’s ugly!

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    The Saab, while ugly, is FAR better looking than the Nissan.  The Juke looks like a Kia Soul that got humped by a pug.  It’s one of the ugliest vehicles of all time.  The Juke makes the Pontiac Aztek look positively beautiful.

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    The more people bash on this thing the more I want it. It’s going to bring me joy as people watch me drive by them and say, “God that is the most hideous thing!” Picking mine up in a week and a half!!!

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