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At home, the market is down 27 percent. Cars?  Who wants them. “What, me worry?” is the mantra from Wolfsburg. Volkswagen’s worldwide group deliveries for the first eight months of the current year totaled 4.70m units, up 13.4 percent. In August alone, deliveries rose by 11.2 percent to 545,500. “As a result, the Group outperformed the global automotive market, not only for the month of August but also for the year so far,” declares a proud communiqué from Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen is exporting itself out of the crisis at home. And they are keeping busy. “This year alone we are bringing over 70 new models to market,” said VW sales chief Christian Klingler. Seventy.

In the first eight months of this year …

  • Deliveries in China rose by 41.0 percent to 1.29m units.
  • In India, the number of vehicles sold more than doubled to 26,000.
  • In the USA, deliveries increased by 22.1 percent to 239,300 units.
  • In Europe Volkswagen bucked the trend and posted slight (1.4 percent) growth.
  • In Russia, VW is back in the saddle with 79,800 deliveries, up 21.9 percent.

Amongst VW’s panoply of brands …

  • The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered a total of 2.98m units during the first eight months, +13.4 percent.
  • Audi delivered a total of 726,600 (+17.9 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to August.
  • The Škoda brand delivered 493,200 (+13.2 percent) vehicles worldwide during the first eight months of the year.
  • Even SEAT shows sign of life: 231,100 (+1.1 percent) vehicles sold worldwide from January to August. And an amazing 26.5 percent rise at home in Spain.
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries by 14.8 percent to 269,800.
  • The Bugattis, Bentleys, Lamborghinis remained unmentioned. Toys for boys.

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4 Comments on “Volkswagen Defies German Gravity...”

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    Brazil is, in more ways than one, an unique (so as not to say weird) country. As VW rises around the world, it loses ground in Brazil. Its recently launched Amarok is a flop, its recently re-style SpaceFox is having its bacon handed to it by Fiat’sw Weekend, even though Volks is marketing the bejeezus out of it. Even the Gol, market leader for well over 30 years is hanging on just by the skin of it teeth against Fiat’s Uno. And to do so, VW is offering low, low interest rates and long, long financing in order to (barely) hold on to 1st place (I hope to have maerket numbers for August soon). This must be hurting their bottom line. Not to mention their pride…

    So Fiat is pulling away from VW and only GM’s incompetence keeps them from pulling closer to VW. Golf down, Polo down, Saveiro going nowhere against Fiat’s (again Fiat, always Fiat) Strada. Only bright spot seems to be the Fox.

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    And here I thought nothing could defy ‘German Gravity’.
    When every other Berliner you meet casually shoots off quotes like, “Ze human existence ist vizzout meaningk. Ve are born, ve do nozzink, and zen vee die, havink no effekt on ze uniwerse vahtsoevah. Nott even Got himzelf notices our futile ekzistence. -By ze vay, Got also is dead, you know. Now; look eento ze abyss unt tell me vaht you see…”
    -in the course of a routine afternoon kaffee and a smoke, I pretty much figured nothing could defy it.

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    Dr Strangelove

    Aah, Berlin, ze vorld capital of bad taste … by ze vay vat you vere smoking didn’t help eizer?

    • 0 avatar
      Dr Strangelove

      … Berlin, bad taste: nowhere else have I seen such dreadful hairdos and attire. However, in the context of this story, may we should call Berlin the centre of gravity.

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