Liberace Museum To Close: Last Chance To See The World's Most Elegant Cars

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
liberace museum to close last chance to see the world s most elegant cars

From a source no less then the NY Times comes the stunning news that Liberace’s popularity is not crossing the generations, resulting in a precipitous drop in attendance at the Museum devoted to his refined taste. The doors are closing next month, so this is the last chance to see his splendiferous collection of custom automobiles, like one of only two Kanzler Coupes ever made (above) which obviously borrowed its passenger compartment from an Opel GT. This is just an aperitif of what’s on display inside.

Where to start? Jewel encrustation is a repeated theme, here on a roadster that I can’t look at long enough to identify.

A tastefully decorated Rolls, with another one behind it.

Perhaps during one of the energy crisis, Mr. Showmanship would choose something a bit more efficient to drive to his performances.

This modestly repainted Chrysler wagon may be sitting out back, for lack of sufficient spazarkle.

This one is way too predictable. How about something a bit more original?

Now that’s a bit more like it.

We’ll save the best for last.

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  • Stuki Moi What Subaru taketh away in costs, dealers will no doubt add right back in adjustments.... Fat chance Subaru will offer a sufficient supply of them.
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  • The Oracle Good news is that based on the model years many of these have already been junked or experienced terminal engine failure.
  • Lou_BC I'm confused, isn't a Prologue a preview? This would be a preview of a preview.