Peugeot Laps The Prius

peugeot laps the prius

A few months ago, I wrote about a concept car which Peugeot showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. It was going to emit small levels of CO2, sip diesel, rather than drink it, and have more power than Ferdinand Piech. Everyone was sceptical as concepts rarely turn out they way they were planned once marketing, accountants and managers have had their way with the car. Well, something funny happened…. reports that Peugeot has unveiled their latest car, the Peugeot 508. It’ll replace the 407 and 607. Peugeot is aiming for the car to have a CO2 emission of 99g/km (the same as a first generation Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion) and a fuel consumption of 3.9l/100km (72mpg, imperial). The car will go on sale next year, 2011, but be officially debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October. The car will use PSA’s HYbrid4 powertrain, which will produce 200bhp and give the car a truly hybrid 4 wheel drive: The ICE will be powering the front two wheels, the electric motor will be spinning the rear two. Sound familiar? It should do. It’s the same powertrain which will power the New Ford Focus RS. In addition to the diesel hybrid powertrain, it will also have an e-HDi Start and Stop system to further aid fuel economy. But before you NA piston heads start salivating all over this car, don’t hold your breath (well, do – it restricts the salivation.) Where doesn’t PSA do business? That’s right, North America. There could be a glimmer of hope. Due to PSA’s close ties with Mitsubishi (insert one of Bertel’s twisted pictures of women tied up), they could licence the technology to close friends. How would a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a HYbrid4 powertrain grab you…?

We know who will definitely get the 508: The Chinese. The Peugeot 508 will make its official debut at the 2010 Paris Auto Show this October, will be launched to the European market in the first quarter of next year, and then be introduced to the China market in mid-2011, reports Gasgoo. The car will be be produced in China next year at the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture.

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  • Luke42 I like the Metris quite a bit, but I never bought one.Two problems kept me from pulling the trigger:[list=1][*]It was expensive for what it was.[/*][*]For the price they were asking, it needed to have a plug for me to buy it.[/*][/list=1]I wanted a minivan that could tow, and I test drove one and liked it. The Mercedes dealer stocked both cargo versions and conversion vans. It was a nice vehicle, and I really wanted one for a while.This is the inevitable fate of cars that I like, but don't actually buy.
  • Garrett I would have gone for one of these if it had AWD. If they had offered it, it could have done far better.
  • Michael500 Sorry, EV's are no good. How am I supposed to rev the motor to impress girls? (the sophisticated ones I like).
  • Michael500 Oh my dog- this is one of my favorite cars in human history! A neighbor had a '71 when I was a child and I stopped and gazed at that car every time it was parked outside its garage. Turquoise with a black vinyl. That high beltline looks awesome today!
  • ScarecrowRepair I'd love an electric car -- quiet, torque, drive train simplicity -- but only if the cost was less, if recharging was as fast as gas (5 minutes) and as ubiquitous. I can take a road trip and know that with a few posted exceptions (US 50 from Reno to Utah), I don't have to wonder where the next fuel station is, and if I do run out, I can lug a gallon of gas back.Sure I'd miss the engine sounds and the joys of shifting. But life is all about tradeoffs.