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And you thought it was over. You thought that, with Top Gear’s “Car Of The Decade” trophy accompanying Ferdinand Piëch’s “Ego Of The Decade” award in the Volkswagen trophy case, Bugatti could move on and let tiny companies based in sheds and garages fight over who has the world’s fastest “production” car. But no. That’s not how things work in Wolfsburg… er, Mollsheim.

Instead of going quietly into that good night, Bugatti just had to strap some go-faster orange paint and wheels (good for an extra 182-ish horsepower) to one of its last Veyrons, call it the “Supersport,” and set a new speed record (267.81 MPH, production cars limited to 257 MPH). And all so they can close the line building €1.65m-€1.85m Supersports to close out the Veyron’s production run (the truly tasteful should not overlook the €1.95m “World Record Edition”). Well, and to regain its rightful place from the upstarts at Shelby Super Cars.

Think of this as groundhog day: The Veyron has seen its shadow (cast across the history books, natch) and we’ll be blessed with ten more years of “Veyron Killers.” Somewhere in the back seat of a completely stock Volkswagen Phaeton, Dr Piëch is feeling what humans refer to as “joy.”

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12 Comments on “Bugatti 16.4 Supersport Ensures Another Decade Of “Veyron-Killer” Wannabes...”

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    Brian E

    Who wouldn’t want orange wheels?

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    Looks like an Hot Wheels version…

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    Must be the Harley-Davidson Halloween edition…

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    While BMW boasted about “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, Ferdinand built a vehicle that made all such claims dubious at best. Now he wants to strip BMW of their newly found “Joy” as well?

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      Not that I’ve driven a Veyron nor would dare diminish what is a jaw dropping engineering achievement, but I’m not so sure that a 4,500 lb vehicle would be my choice on a twisty road. I guess it all depends on the definition of “driving” is.

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      Ferdinand also built the 917. Google it.
      I like BMW. But “Ultimate” alwas goes to Ferdinand.

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      Carguy -I agree 100% with you. It’s sort of like comparing comparing 200 proof grain alcohol like Everclear with a single malt scotch or fine bourbon like Maker’s Mark. The Everclear is pure alcohol and far more potent than the Bourbon or Scotch, but which would be more enjoyable to drink? Sometimes the most powerful choice isn’t the best choice for the situation.

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      Everclear is 190 proof. Alcohol can only be distilled to 95% alcohol, 5% water. Chemical means can be used to obtain better purity but are used for lab or industrial apps.

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    VW Veyron: Gulf Edition

    I noticed this version has a cowl of some sort over the engine ‘cover.’ I remember reading an article where someone said smoothing out this area could make the Veyron reach a higher top speed with less horsepower. Looks like they took the suggestion.

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    Edward, you nailed it. I happen to know the *Hero*, if you wish, who broke the 400 kmh barrier. And then some. Ooops. They decided to tone it down, because of the tires.
    Think of the Veyron as the Sergey Bubka of Speed: Competition, I win. My Guess: 450 kmh is the limit…….no prob for the car.

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    Somewhere in the back seat of a completely stock Volkswagen Phaeton, Dr Piëch is feeling what humans refer to as “joy.”

    I’m sure that Phaeton is certainly not Stock… Individual perhaps?

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    Red wunz go fasta, not orange wunz.

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