Jeep Grand Cherokee "Manifesto"

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Chrysler Group didn’t shy away from the political overtones with its first ad for its first new product since bankruptcy. In fact, this spot, titled “Manifesto” is more political porn than anything else. Instead of selling America on the simple fantasy of outdoor escape, Jeep is selling the biggest fantasy of all: a real revival in American manufacturing. “Fear not, brave citizens,” it seems to be saying, “globalization isn’t actually wreaking havoc on your manufacturing base. The statistics are lies. Now buy this SUV.”

Otherwise, it’s quite a well-made ad.

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  • SherbornSean SherbornSean on Jun 11, 2010

    A great ad. But funny how they don't mention fuel economy once.

    • UnclePete UnclePete on Jun 11, 2010

      It's an image/teaser ad. The "speeds and feeds" ads will come later. If it gets at least as good mpg as my current Grand Cherokee and is well bolted together, I'm ok with that.

  • GrandCharles GrandCharles on Jun 11, 2010

    Great ad, the interior shot looks good and anyway the choice of a johnny Cash song got me right from the start!

  • Geozinger Geozinger on Jun 11, 2010

    Chrysler has been banging out (their ad agency actually) some great commercials lately. This is another one swinging for the fences. I hope that Ewanick can do the same for GM. In the meantime, go Chrysler! @Jerry Sutherland: Thanks for the compliments. Many US citizens like Canada too. Our stalwart friends to the North. I'm kind of amazed at all of the Jeep love here today, too.

    • UnclePete UnclePete on Jun 11, 2010
      I’m kind of amazed at all of the Jeep love here today, too. The first vehicle I drove (at 12) was a Jeep. I've owned several Jeeps over the years. I've always liked the old I-6 engine because it's easy to work on. Even though I've owned a lot of "enthusiast" cars, I always seem to have one Jeep around to go off-road with, or take the dogs for a ride, or... go buy parts for the enthusiast cars! :)

  • Pgcooldad Pgcooldad on Jun 11, 2010

    According to internal Chrysler Website: The second phase of the marketing and advertising campaign, scheduled to launch this summer, will begin to introduce the features and highlights of the vehicle.