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I know you are tired of China sales numbers. Just for the record: The final, official  tally of all passenger  vehicles sold in China in May stands at 1.04m units, up 26 percent from last year, says the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) via Gasgoo. The CAAM has the last word. Total vehicle sales hit 1.44m units, up 28.8 percent, says the Straits Times. With these numbers, we declare the TTAC patent-pending Growth-o-Meter as broken. Wuling’s lousy may numbers did it in. As a make-good, another round of the very best of Chinese traffic accidents. In color!

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14 Comments on “China In May 2010: Finally, The Official Word...”

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    On the accident video, the one that gets me is at 2:05. The pedestrian is standing still in what should be plain view before the driver even starts his/her turn. The pedestrian never moves, and the driver still hits him. The way I see it – since the pedestrian had established his position, there should have been a charging call.

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      It does raise the question: “why did the jackass stand in the middle of the road?”

      Virtually all of those “accidents” seemed to derive from drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians who haven’t yet grasped that cars aren’t as instantly maneuverable as bicyclists and walkers.

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    Can we have more of these videos? Ones with real crashes?

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    Good God, Bertel. Please tell me you are aware of some kind of campaign to get all these crappy drivers to follow the effin’ rules and signs!

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      Crappy divers, yes. But also lots of crappy scooterists and bicyclists on display. And intewrsections clearly designed with sub-15mph traffic assumed.

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    Dan R

    Mostly slow speed crashes so the drivers should have see each other. Very few brake or swerve! They just plough on!
    Intersection should be marked that one way yields at least to the other.
    Still a Third World country.

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      >Still a Third World country.

      I thought this should be pretty obvious. People set their expectations too high. At the current rate of growth China won’t be on par with developed countries for another 20 years (India another 30). Good infrastructure takes a long time to develop, if they grew like Dubai they would’ve bursted a long time ago.

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    Looks like we can get our trade imbalance with China straightened out if we start exporting stop signs.

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    That video shows what happen when a society thats more use to bicycles traffic and all of sudden everyone has cars. I been to shanghai and its pretty much like the video. Only thing surprises me is that more people are not killed with all these accidents.

    I myself is Asian and believe me I know how bad some of us are behind wheels. If you see some mid aged Chinese lady with luxury SUVs, AVOID them with all cost! Also avoid areas with Chinese malls or high concentration of Chinese or south east Asian community. Don’t know how the hell these people got their license. but they did, and driving up my insurance cost!

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    Reminds me of Korea back in the day. I’ll never forget the chalk body outlines on the road. I’ve never seen that anywhere else but there. I bet they have those in China!

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    Talk about driver ineptitude! Guess we now know the reason behind those incredible sales growth numbers…

    BTW, my favorite one is the very last one!

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    China has lots of freeways, right? Let’s see some high-speed chases and crashes.

    I’m seeing a big market for COPS: High-Speed Chases in China!

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    So where these videos taken just after the bars let out?

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    the title of the video is in Japanese, it says traffic accident video collection in Chinese schools. From the look the intersection it does look like roads in side schools. Not school zone but schools. so those are private road. Other then that it didn’t specify where. from the trees you can tell its not from the south, cause its like tropics there.

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