Volkswagen To Introduce 51.3 Mpg 7-Seater

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
volkswagen to introduce 51 3 mpg 7 seater

Financial Times calls “Volkswagen a long-time skeptic about hybrid and electric cars.” As a long time observer of the Wolfsburg boys, I have to agree. Despite green initiatives for public and political consumption, their private position has been that the consumption and emissions of a hybrid could be achieved with their low displacement supercharged engines and some weight savings. Some electric initiatives notwithstanding, this position has not changed. Case in point: Their new Touran.

“With the launch of every new Volkswagen model, fuel consumption and emissions are falling further,” gushes the latest press release from Wolfsburg. But it shows where their heart is: With the ICE. The new Touran, a compact MPV, consumes only 4.6 liter diesel per 100km. If my mpg calculator is not mistaken, that’s 51.3 miles to the U.S. liquid gallon (your EPA mileage may vary.) Not bad for a 7-seater! It gets there with a 1.6-liter TDI engine with BlueMotion Technology. The planet thanks Volkswagen for a 121 g/km CO2 rating.

The frugal oil-burner is not the only engine. A total of six new gas and diesel engines will be available, along with the usual dizzying array of European trim levels. Which we will spare you.

The Touran will launch in Germany in August. Says VW: “Over the course of the autumn, it will then gradually be introduced to markets across the globe.” And will VW stop wringing every possible kilometer from a liter, or mile from a gallon? Of course not. “Volkswagen’s aim for the future is to get below 4.6 liters per 100km,” says the communique.

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  • Conslaw Conslaw on Jun 01, 2010

    A worthy effort by VW. I don't think the minivan market in the US is really going to revive until somebody comes out with the 30/30 minivan, that is, a traditionally-sized minivan that gets 30 mpg city and highway (ratings anyway). It should be possible with a hybrid (or maybe diesel) drivetrain, low-friction tires and aerodynamic tuning.

  • Rick Thomas Rick Thomas on Jun 01, 2010

    Is there any real indication that they're actually going to try to market a euro-class people mover here in the states? It's an interesting looking car, but I'm not sure people will move away from their suvs and minivans for something like this.