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The weather is getting nice and the yen to explore America’s great outdoors is rising. It’s just a question of what the right size and cost of vehicle to take. If you work at Goldman Sachs, here’s a little number to consider for a quick weekend getaway. Is it the world’s biggest RV? If not, it sure gets a good grade for effort. Pop-outs on both sides on the first floor. The second floor lifts up from its bridge-safe position. And there’s even an optional third-floor patio-deck!

All the comforts of home on the first floor, if you should have such a nice home.

The second floor upper half  is one giant pop top, including the ample tv screens in case the scenery isn’t sufficient to hold your attention.

If the view is good enough to tear oneself away from the tv, head up to the patio/deck on the third floor for drinks and a cigar!

Nice craftsmanship on the staircase.

Here’s the fully opened and extended rig. Now one just to find a camping space big enough for it!  [Thanks to TTAC reader Ray Ch. for sending me these pics]

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15 Comments on “The World’s Biggest RV...”

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    How much is that thing?

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    Customer: Does it have Satellite TV?

    Sales Guy: Buddy, it has its own satellite!

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    Uncle Mellow

    Isn’t this the sort of thing the F1 teams take to the Grand Prix ?

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    Paul – What’s pulling it?

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      Looks like a cab-over Volvo rig. Edit: Scratch that, Volvo trucks have a diagonal stripe on the rad. Maybe a Mack?

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      I’d guess either a Mack or a Freightliner (that picture doesn’t help things) in the top picture, and a conventional Volvo in the last picture.

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      That is a Freightliner Argosy with all the Bells n Whistles. It was made from 98 until 06, the inability to cram all the higher temp 2007+ emissions control hardware under the cab let to it being discontinued in the US market. It was the last of the Mohicans of Cab Over Engine Highway trucks; it went away as it was a sales flop for most of its production run. It does have something of a cult following as the short bumper to back of cab measurement (BBC) it allows you to pull a standard 53′ trailer on roads that are closed to longer wheelbase tractors. In California you can even hook it to a 57′ trailer with a deep kingpin daycab.

      The tractor in the last picture is a Volvo VN series.

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    My wife and I saw one of these during at a gas station break while on a motorcycle trip to Yellow Stone. I’d probably never get an RV, but if I did, it would be something like this.

    Shots of Interior

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    Perhaps the real appeal is that the owner gets to play trucker.

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    It’s popular in Hollywood, with people who seek as much comfort and space that one can possibly bring on location. I saw one of these rigs explained in some sort of documentary, I forgot which actor it was who was totally in love with them. I think it was Matthew McConaughey. The point is, these are wanted by people who spend 300 days a year on backlots and locations.

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    I hate to cavetch…. (its what I do.)

    This thing is a little bland… it lacks color.. and TASTE. But most importantly it lacks personality.
    One thing that always aggravates me about these monsters… I see 4 screens = TVs in this thing… can we get a coupla book (8′-3′) shelves in there…?

    Ya cant expect MAN or WOMAN to take a trip in this thing.. without something to read?!
    Coupla Haynes manuals, Porsche, BMW or MB auto histories.. maybe a coupla fabulous 50s – 60s or 70s books..

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    Does it come with a gas station?

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    I’ve got a really good question. What’s the damn thing called?

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