China Soon To Be The World's Biggest Car Market. For Bentleys

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
china soon to be the world s biggest car market for bentleys

Take that, you (formerly) capitalist running dogs: At the Guangzhou auto show, British German luxury car maker Bentley said that the VW-owned brand plans to sell more Bentleys in China than in the US. They said it to Guangzhou Daily ( via Gasgoo.) Bentley’s conservative goal is to do this by 2012, but at the rate everything is going (and soon walking,) they’ll be done with that much earlier. With 10% of Bentley’s global sales, China already is the world’s fifth largest market for Bentley. In 2008, China is expected to surpass Japan in terms of Bentleys sold, making the Middle Kingdom king of Asian Bentley sales. Next stop: Trump the UK and the US, rule the world. In Bentley terms.

On display at the Guangzhou show is the Bentley Arnage RL, Bentley’s bestseller in China. For four straight years, no country consumed more Arnages than China. Also to be seen: The Continental GT, Continental GTC and Continental Flying Spur. What’s the world coming to. Niedermeyer putters along with a golf cart, China soaks up Flying Spurs.

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